Prophetic Word & Vision: EMP Attack (Byron Searle)

Prophetic Word & Vision: EMP Attack (Byron Searle)

EMP Attack – Byron Searle

The Only Thing You Need to Survive an EMP

Hosea 5:3-9

This is a very powerful word from the Father that I received tonight which was followed by a vision that He gave me at the conclusion of the word.

The Lord says: My son, great terror is at your doorstep. Much destruction is now coming to the house of Ephraim, and no one is aware it’s coming. As this nation celebrates in gross darkness, even My people are blinded to the sin. A nation of whores who have turned their backs to Me and wagged a finger in My face! Have none of you My people even sought Me for anything other than trinkets for the flesh? Do you not fast and pray for the sins of this nation? NO!!! Not even a whimper unless it’s to please the flesh!! My children, do not be alarmed when the judgments I have allowed will take everything from you. You will come seeking Me with all your religious fervor, but you will not find Me, for I have withdrawn Myself from you. My son, who is the Lord?? Am I not creator of all things? Then why does man not seek Me? Do they not believe I AM?!

This nation is lying with whores, the whores of greed, idolatry, murder, unrepentance, and every other foul sin that crosses the corrupt mind of man. This nation great again? It has never been great, for only I can make a nation great. This nation is only selfish and prideful. Just as Babylon was, this nation’s pride with all her sin will be her downfall.

My son, My body will be required to walk in great faith in the coming days, but instead, will walk in great fear. Their ignorance of My Word and the arrogance of My body will be their destruction. My people have dealt treacherously against Me by not stopping the blood that cries from millions of My babies. My people have sat quietly on the sidelines and winked at great sin. This nation will be broken, then will My people who are called by My name seek Me on their knees. REPENT, REPENT NOW!!!

My son, this is a sure Word of Prophecy, saith the Lord of the Harvest. This will come!!

The Father

After the word ended, I sat and asked God what was this great terror that was coming? As I had been sitting there, I leaned back, looking at ceiling and continuing to meditate on His word. Suddenly, a vision opened up on the ceiling as I was looking. I saw a ship at sea somewhere off the east coast of America at the level of the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula. It looked like a very large super tanker for oil, but it looked like it was modified. Then the top opened up in two halves, and a massive rocket raised up out of it. Then in an instant, the rocket took off, at the same time sinking the ship. I watched the rocket go very high into the air, heading over toward the central United States. Then in a blinding flash it exploded, somewhere what looked to me like the area of Indiana/Illinois state lines. Then everything went black, and the vision ended.

I believe this great terror will be an EMP attack. Please stock food and water, not just for yourselves but for you neighbors and others God will send to you. God will meet your every need. He said that great faith will be required.




Years ago on The Prophecy Club Pastor Chuck Youngbrandt said that Russia’s main invasion force would be at Slaughter Beach, DE. Here is his map:

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