Prophetic Message: SUPERBOWL WARNING! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Message: SUPERBOWL WARNING! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

SUPERBOWL WARNING! – Benjamin Faircloth


Good afternoon Ignited! I felt impressed by the Father to share with you a confirming word given to me in 2015, and a word given to Byron Searle. He goes into greater details about other (confirming) events but you need to see the confirmation about the NFL.
You can find my word on my website and Byron’s on Jeff Byerly website . I do not know if the word given to me will be the Super Bowl or at a later time. Nor do i know if this will be the False Flag/Main Event or as Jeff was told Kick Off Event. But I do know we are in the Danger Close season and anything can happen at anytime to change our world. There will be a series of events in the coming days that will rock our world! So pray, prepare, and share! We are in very dangerous days! I love you all! Sorry this is so long but I wanted to keep everyone from jumping from link to link, and as always take ALL of this to prayer!

Given to me in 2015:
Judgment on the NFL

Several weeks before the NFL season began I had a vivid vision as I was waking up from a restful night’s sleep. I saw what looked like an NFL stadium full of cheering fans but in my mind I automatically knew it was a (Roman type of) Coliseum. My observation was above it as you would see from an aerial view during a game on TV. As I saw the crowd I heard the opening guitar sound of the song Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses. This is a very popular song at stadiums and Madden football video games, played right before the opening kickoff. As I was seeing and hearing this I heard the Lord say, “I will not tolerate this anymore”.
That was all I heard and the vision ended. I felt in my spirit that the reason for judgment is the idol worship that we have made of this sport. We have elevated players as gods and gladiators who entertain us for money, big money. I do not know what type of judgment is coming. The NFL and sports in general in America are golden calves, and are being worshipped daily. I know this won’t be a popular word!
There were some serious injuries the first week to big name players, off the field incident with a players wife and more unsavory incidents with players, and then a news report comparing the scandal ridden FIFA to the NFL. All in the opening weeks of the season. These reports already add to a tainted reputation for the NFL.I do not know if it’s more exposure of this sort or a terrorist attack that disrupts the financial flow, or the coming financial crash that is going to halt entertainment/Lifestyles as we currently know it. I sense it will much more serious than the typical thug mentality the sport has produced in recent years; because this deals with the fans, the people, and the idolatry of America. I do believe it is a confirmation to what John Paul Jackson saw coming to the NFL. You can see his word about half way down the page…NFL Postpones all Games Until Answer Found

Either way, I believe more judgment is coming and God the Father will no longer tolerate a sport or a people who do not honor Him as the giver of all life. Everything hidden will be exposed to His light in this final hour. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! Hebrews 12:25-29

10/3/17 Byron Searle

Eph.4:4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling

The Lord says: My son, these words I give you saith the Lord. The sounds of killing in Las Vegas is the sound that will be familiar to all in This Nation. Soon the blood will flow and no one will be there to stop it. The strange Armies that will come upon this land will strip everything and all will be ravaged. This Army will have no mercy and death will be a common sight.

My son, Those Who hide in me will be saved. Those who repent and bend the knee will be saved. Those of my remnant who are led by my spirit will be saved. My love abounds, there will be no more churches, there will be no more denominations. We will be one body serving one God with one mind and heart. My son, the sounds of War are coming the blood will flow, fear will take over. Evil has now come up on the Earth in ways that cannot be imagined. Foul spirits will inhabit any person that has turned away from me. Las Vegas was but a fraction of what’s coming. There will be more events like Las Vegas in other arenas.

Watch out NFL for your Las Vegas is next I will destroy this god that has taken away my people. My people rush out of my presence to sit and worship the god of sports. The next event that will be worse than Las Vegas will be a football game, thousands will die. Oh, my children, why won’t you repent. I will forgive you. I only ask that you repent, leave your sins on the Altar and repent.

My son, the windows of Heaven are open, ready to pour out mercy and Grace. But no one will listen, no one listens to my prophets. Those that criticize my prophets will not be ready. The season of the hurricanes are almost over, they are still cleaning up. The season of earthquakes have begun. I showed you the three volcanoes in the west they will blow because of the earthquakes. Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Mount Adams will all erupt during the earthquakes.

But even after all that, my church will not wake up. My church believes the lies of the false prophets. There will be no Prosperity, happiness, and the false Happy Days of the past. My church will know strength, humbleness, and prayer. Many millions will perish but those who are my remnant will walk in power never seen before on this Earth. My son be ready to share the gospel after the next attack the whole nation will be in fear.

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    1. Sadly there is probably over 70% that refuse to listen, hear or obey. They think it is all doom and gloom and can’t see the bigger picture of what is coming after tribulation. Do you have any Words from the Lord that you care to share here?


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