Prophetic Word: Jesus Calls To His Bride

Prophetic Word: Jesus Calls To His Bride

jesus calls to his bride

March 8th, 2015 – A Word to His Bride

“Honor me.  Call out to me with every breath and I will give you life.  You think you know my heart but you do not.  You think I am with you and then I depart only to return later.  I do not ever leave you or forsake you.  I have taken up residence in your heart and I will never leave you.  You turn away from me and don’t comprehend how that hurts me.  

I am the love of your very life.  You are my bride but you do not ready yourself with preparations for our wedding banquet.  You are so busy making everyone else a priority that you neglect me, and you neglect yourself.  You are beautiful to me.  You are worth of every piece of gold and every precious stone that I have under heaven.  Yet you look to people for worth and value.  Turn away from sin and sin no more.  

Rest in me.  I will show you a new way.  A way that will cost you everything and nothing.  Oh the plans I have for you.  You can be my friend!  You can walk with me in the very heaven of your heart.  All that I have is yours and I am calling to you.  Will you answer me?  Will you have your lamp trimmed and ready at the appointed hour?  

Why settle for anything less than everything God has to give you.  Every good and perfect gift from above is at your finger tips.  Come, dine with me.  Come and rest at my feet.  Come and dance with me.  You are not of this world.  You are not burdened by the things of this world.  You are no longer chained by the enemy’s lies.  See him for what he is – a liar and a thief.  He is nothing but a serpent under your heal, crushed by the love that I have for you and the sacrifice that has already been made for eternity for you to walk with me.  I love you in a way that you cannot comprehend on this earth.  My Father’s love has no bounds and thus mine is just as great.  Come to me now and dance with me, my bride.”


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