PRAISE REPORT: God Is So Beautiful & He Never Ceases To Amaze Me With His Love

PRAISE REPORT: God Is So Beautiful & He Never Ceases To Amaze Me With His Love


Well, I will make this short and sweet. I have gone through so much in testing, trials, being without money, without the things I used to have and moving around my whole life. My life was not easy by any means but it had brief periods of joy at times. I have been ridiculed, scorned, laughed at and I do believe a couple of so called friends (who no longer speak to me now) might even have slandered my name and been a false witness against me. I leave that to God to take care of them for me and He will. I pray that they repent of it finally but it is in God’s hands.

Anyway, I stay close to God and I love being with Him. I am not doing this to win brownie points with Him; I really do enjoy who He is. He is awesome once you go into a one on one relationship with Him and get rid “of religion” and the mindset of it. You just talk with Him as you would your best friend. There is a love that comes down from heaven that is indescribable in words when you have this one on one relationship with the Father & Son Yahushua, who are one.

So, I was wanting to do a couple of things that are important to me but was not able to and I got a HUGE blessing in the mail yesterday. I won’t say what it is because it is not really important to do so and I don’t want anyone to feel bad if they are waiting on a blessing. I pray you receive yours too!!

I do follow His commandments and I do obey Him because honestly, He knows which way I should go better than I do. He will never steer me wrong but I sure can mess up my own life in a heartbeat. I obey Him because I fell in love with Him and I realized He knows the best for me. Surrender is really just realizing you need Him because He has your best interest at heart. It really is that simple and everyone makes a big deal of it saying it is “works” blah, blah, blah. How is anything works if you are simply enjoying the one you are with, spending time with them with no ulterior motive in your heart. Do you call it “works” if you have a spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend and you desire to please them or is it because you simply love them?” Well, that is how it is with being with Abba. It is the same, a heart to heart relationship. He will bless you with such a peace and then you will start to hear His voice more too. He loves interacting with us, just speaking from our hearts as to what bothers us etc. People make mistakes praying because they always pray that they want this and that but they don’t include prayers for others and ask that someone else be blessed. I truly believe it is why some prayers go unanswered.

It is a beautiful journey that was fraught with much sorrow but we were born to suffer with Him were we not? I took the hits and all I know is I must have done something right in my life finally to receive this wonderful blessing!! Most of those who truly walk with God are rather poor, gave up everything, they are shunned by family or family thinks you have a “mental disorder”, you are alone a lot and it’s a lonely road most of the time. As I grow closer to Him, I realize I truly am not alone and you know what, that lonely feeling does dissipate over time. It bothered me a lot in the beginning but I am usually fine with it now.

Let them think what they want of me, I know whom I want, I know who is carrying me, I know who is protecting me, I know who loves me and I know this world is not my home!!! This blessing came from the Almighty and He wants me to know how much He loves me!

So thank you God for what you have done for me and it brought me to tears, it really did. WE do have an amazing and awesome God!!! Get to know Him; He never disappoints. So, all in all, He has been worth it all and even when I didn’t get a blessing that I was hoping for other times, I am always BLESSED by His Presence!

I am a foreigner in this strange land and I am just a “passin’ through” 🙂 It won’t be much longer and I will finally get to see Yahushua in all His beauty!!

The funny thing is I actually started to live when I came to die!! Dying to self brought me life!!

I love you forever My Beautiful King!


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4 Replies to “PRAISE REPORT: God Is So Beautiful & He Never Ceases To Amaze Me With His Love”

  1. Amen sister. Its just about a relationship, a divine, pure, unconditional loving relationship with Father and Son, and it is the best relationship ive ever had…but leaves me craving their presence. Being mocked and judged and abandoned and rejected by humans is no big deal for me either now or even the loneliness, because it has become isolated for me. I especially enjoy this peace that wont let me go and this knowing that whatever is coming my way, He will get me through it. It is so cool not living with any fear…that used to be my biggest problem too. But I think we will be smiling a bit when events start happening that cripple the world but leave us without a mark. For once in my life, I will be the one feeling pretty good while the world around me is not….Oh the benefits of living for God. God bless.

    1. AMEN and I lived in fear, anxiety, hurt, pain, doubt, hopeless at times, felt that I was never good enough, and distraught. What strongholds that satan puts on us. Now I don’t have any of this any longer!! I wish people could see how good Father and Son truly are and just give Him a chance. He has healed me of so many wounds, mentally, physically and spiritually and it was over time. Some things we have in us has been there since we were little children even and those are deep. Much love to you aaron. I started to live when I came to die!!

  2. AWWW!!! It makes so SO happy to hear how happy you are! Your joy and love for the Lord was beaming out of that message!! Praise to be to Yahweh!! He is SO’s like there are never the words to describe the supreme love you feel for someone who has always taken care of you and loved you even when you didn’t and no one else did either…ahhh the love. I am so happy you were blessed my dear sister!! I love you SO much!! You deserve extreme happiness and soon we will be home for eternity!! HALLELUJAH!! **BIG HUG**

    1. Thank you sweet Isabelle. Yes, once I fell in love that was it for me 🙂 He is very beautiful, kind, and amazing! So I will continue to love Him always like I know you do also. Soon, we will be going home; it really is speeding up now. Hugs


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