Prophetic Word: ” Nineveh was spared the judgment for a season ” (Byron Searle)

Prophetic Word: ” Nineveh was spared the judgment for a season ” (Byron Searle)

” Nineveh was spared the judgment for a season ” (Byron Searle)


Jonah 3:4-10

The Lord says: My son, there has been much confusion in my body. Some say America will be great again; some say America will be doomed and destroyed. I say to you, read my servant Jonah. Nineveh was a great city, deep in sin. Every man’s heart was continually evil. Corruption was bountiful, and the sins of the flesh were everywhere. Idolatry was rampant, and the worship of every creature was on the lips of all in the city. I had their wickedness come up before Me, and I pronounced judgment coming to overthrow the city in 40 days. The king heard the warning from Jonah and decreed a fast throughout the city. He made all, even the animals, to wear sackcloth and cover with ashes.

My son, the sins of America have come up before me, but I have many voices shouting the warning, not just one. The corruption of the land, the sins of the flesh, and worship to the idols of baal and molech have overcome not just a city, but a nation. I do not see the king calling a solemn fast, nor is he doing all to correct the sins of this nation. There are pockets of my remnant praying, but not all of my people and not the whole nation. The king is not humbling himself before Me to stop the judgments that are coming.

The things the King has changed are only superficial and have not gotten to the sin that comes before Me. Nineveh was spared the judgment for a season. America will not be spared, for America, my people, all my people will not repent!

Thus saith the Lord, If my people will humble themselves and repent, I will hear them and spare America for a season. But I say, America, you will not repent, for your pride and haughtiness are great. The judgments are coming! My people, you are not ready for what is about to come upon your land. I tell my remnant, stay on your knees and seek me, for I will be your only strong tower. My son, get this warning out, for there is no time left.
Messiah Jesus

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