NEWS: 7.9 Quake In Alaska, Volcanic Eruption In Japan, Hackers Steal $1.5 Mil A Month From Cryptocurrency Funds, 1% Richest Took 82% Of Wealth & More

NEWS: 7.9 Quake In Alaska, Volcanic Eruption In Japan, Hackers Steal $1.5 Mil A Month From Cryptocurrency Funds, 1% Richest Took 82% Of Wealth & More

Early morning wake up call for Alaska and the North American west coast after 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Gulf of Alaska, sparking tsunami warnings and evacuations – before the threat was called off before dawn

QUAKE FEAR Alaska earthquake tsunami warning forces people to flee to high ground after 8.2 tremor sparks alert on US coast The earthquake struck 157 miles southeast of Chiniak, Alaska at a depth of 6.2 miles at 9.31 GMT, the US Geological Survey said 

Volcanic eruption kills 1, injures 17 near Japanese ski resort 

Pastor Found Dead in Tamil Nadu, India

Indian Pastor is Severely Beaten for Refusing to Deny Christ

Muslim Woman Converts to Christianity, Influences 1,500 Others for Christ

US government shutdown › World · 8 hours ago

Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

NOTICE HOW DIFFERENT THIS IS FROM CALIFORNIA! Massive Grass Fire Threatens Homes Forces Evacuations West of Fort Worth, Texas

Hackers steal $1.5 million a month from cryptocurrency funds

Alexei Navalny | World | The Guardian

Ex-CIA Clandestine Officer Confirms False Flag Missile Attack Upon Hawaii

Michigan hospital fights ICE for release of jailed doctor …

Woman falls off Carnival cruise ship days after another passenger died on separate vessel

Richest 1% Took Home 82% of Wealth Last Year, Oxfam Says

Missouri Court to Hear Landmark Case on Satanic Temple

Russian Spy Ship Spotted 100 Miles Off Coast of North …

‘Pretty much everything is on fire’: Five people missing and 17 rescued after series of explosions rip through an Oklahoma oil rig 

Mysterious Diseases Morphing Into Extinction Level Events As ‘The Killing Fields Are Turning Into The Great Culling Fields Of The Globalist Grim Reapers’ 

Science Being Ignored As Deaths from the Flu Continue to Mount Among Mass Flu Vaccinated Population:SQ-VACCINATIONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION–‘VMD’S’ 

Mother-of-three battling the flu hospitalized with flesh-eating disease that has ravaged 30% of her soft tissue

Dog and cat flu: Here’s what you need to know to keep your pet safe

Tokyo holds evacuation drill to prepare for N. Korean …

Pope Francis sorry for upsetting abuse victims

BBC News · 1h

Pope Francis has apologised for remarks he made last week in Chile defending a bishop accused of covering up sexual abuse. He said he realised his words hurt many, but repeated his belief that Chilean Bishop Juan Barros was i…

The grocery store where you NEVER have to wait in line: Amazon opens checkout-free supermarket where customers just walk out as cameras track what they buy 

Will Apple cancel the iPhone X this summer? Disappointing sales caused by a ‘lack of interesting innovations’ will end production of the handset, leak claims

Bus driver saves the life of a 10-year-old boy who was found at the side of the road after becoming lost five miles from his home in subzero temperatures

The grin reaper: Buddhist monk appears to SMILE as his body is exhumed two months after his death so his clothes can be changed in Thailand 

Dog shoots dead its owner: Pet jumps up at its master while he was hunting in Russia and claws the trigger of his rifle 


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