Prophetic Dream: Trump Taking Back Promises/Obama Giving Out New Brains (Nakia Brandon)

Prophetic Dream: Trump Taking Back Promises/Obama Giving Out New Brains (Nakia Brandon)

Dream: Trump Taking Back Promises /Obama Giving Out New Brains – Nakia Brandon

January 21, 2017

Wow so I had a crazy dream last night….the Lord is really speaking in this hour…so in the first part of the dream I see Donald Trump (this is 2nd dream I have had about him in 2 days)

It was weird because I could see all of the promises he had made hanging in the air….as though they had manifested in the physical, and they were all floating by including bible scriptures….and then all of a sudden he opened his mouth, and he began to suck everything back up like a vacuum cleaner, and I heard in my spirit “He Is taking it all back” because it was nothing but lies

In the 2nd portion of the dream Obama was there and he was handing out new brains to people, kinda like how he had given away the Obama phones and stuff, it seems weird, and I don’t know how to explain it…but they were like mechanical brains that came off an assembly line…and after he had given away the brains to the people, and believe me LOTS of people were taking them, I received in my spirit that it has to do with the mark of the beast you know being taken in the forehead specifically the pineal gland because I remember hearing the words pineal gland in regards to these new brains…he then indicated that it was time, and I somehow shifted to a different place, and saw this soldier person in a very high tech room and he was sitting down in front of like a screen and an electrical board with all kinds of buttons and gadgets on it…the only way I can describe it is like when you see a scene in a movie, and the person is on a submarine and they are sitting in front of the radar screen with all the buttons and stuff…and he was preparing to push a button to activate the brains that the people had received and begin to control their minds to make them do exactly what they were told to do, but electronically…that’s all I can recall at the moment but it was awesome, and insane…Praise be to God !!!

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