Prophetic Word: My People, Why Do You Refuse To Be Ready? (Byron Searle)

Prophetic Word: My People, Why Do You Refuse To Be Ready? (Byron Searle)

My people, WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO BE READY? – Byron Searle


Jeremiah 24:1-10
The Lord says: My son, I have taken you to the scriptures in My Word to show you the gathering and those left behind. I allowed the princes of Judah to go into captivity, thereby saving their lives and enabling them to return to the land. My servant Daniel was in this group taken captive. This group heard my voice and obeyed. The next group heard my voice but did not believe, and that group went through judgment. Most of that group perished by famine and by the sword.

My son, the point I am making is that there will be a group that hear and obey my voice. They will be ready for the gathering as it will not catch them by surprise. The other group, just as in Jeremiah’s day, also hear the same warnings, but they do not believe the true voices but instead believe the voices that tell them all is right and good, do not listen to the doom and gloom voices. My son, this group will go through the judgments, and they will perish by famine and the sword.

My son, so many refuse to hear my voice. They hear the voice that tells them not to worry and all will be great. Don’t worry, we will be great again, and the land will flow with milk and honey. I say, this land will not flow with milk and honey, but this land will flow with violence and blood. (This next part I heard spoken with increased volume and emphasis.) My people, WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO BE READY? WHY DO YOU NOT BELIEVE? CAN YOU NOT SEE THE SIGNS ALL AROUND YOU? I WEEP FOR YOU, SAITH THE LORD!!
My children, because you will not humble yourselves and ask for forgiveness, repent of your sins and turn toward me, I must bring the judgments on you, for that is the only way you will turn back to me. MY CHILDREN, I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH! I do not want to bring judgment, but you are stubborn and stiff-necked, and this is all you know!
Messiah Jesus

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