Prophetic Word: Bring In The Harvest (Pikelk)

Prophetic Word: Bring In The Harvest (Pikelk)

TRANSCRIPT: My daughter write My words for those with ears to hear. I have given this, My daughter, many messages… some warnings in the past, some she doesn’t even remember. Even this, My scribe, is a skeptic. Go back My children, and listen to the messages that I have given this scribe and others. The warnings received through Me will come to pass because much that I have shown has not yet come to pass. Many doubt Me and have settled back into their lives again. I have changed this scribe’s heart, but she still doesn’t see the writing on the wall. The human mind grapples with Me and My endtime plan. Physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion weigh heavily on the hearts of many of My endtime servants. Do not be saddened or frustrated if this is you.

All of My endtime servants will be tested and pushed to their limits, the end of themselves. This is not punishment, but refinement and preparation. Warriors are built up. They were not created as warriors, but created to become warriors. Never become confused over this term “warriors” because My warriors were for Me, Yeshua HaMashiach, and no one else. This message is for you, and you will feel a nudge by My Holy Spirit if you’ve been chosen for this time of war. What is coming upon your earth is so far beyond what your minds can conceive. There is no way that it can be completely explained to you.

It is My promise that all the words in My word will be fulfilled, and that My children who have received Me into their hearts will be prepared, and protected, and powerful beyond their imaginations. This is a time for My warriors to shine. They will not only shine My love and compassion, they will receive My supernatural power beyond their conception. Human words cannot do justice to what is coming, My children. Suffice to say that you must trust in Me. You must not fear and you must enter a place of final preparation. I promise that I will never allow you to be faced by powers greater than what I have imparted to you. Be prepared to witness the supernatural. Be prepared to operate in My supernatural.

The enemy cannot thwart My outcome. It has been written in My word and was conceived before time began. Remember fear is not of Me and therefore will not be of you. This is My plan unfolding. It cannot be, and will not be altered by the enemy and his minions. I will search for even the last lost sheep and though the enemy will try to lure them into his snare, he will fail. Keep your eyes open, and your heads held high. Be at attention, My warriors. Let nothing on this earth or in this world be a distraction to you, My loves. My power is yours you will not only survive, but thrive in My promises. I do not come as a Lamb, but as a Lion, and My warriors will be rising up in My power soon, to bring in My harvest. I love you My children, Yeshua HaMashiach.

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