More Prophetic Dreams About Destruction Of NYC

More Prophetic Dreams About Destruction Of NYC

September 7, 2017 4:34 AM

 Very interesting to find a post about New York today as last night I was awake due to a painful shoulder and I was praying and as I prayed I saw a big, black bomb fall out of the sky heading for New York. The Lord said – ” the world will say it is a nuclear bomb but it is sent from Me, it is My doing, it is a burning coal of My wrath, the stench has reached My nostrils. ” 2 Samuel 22, especially verse 9
Laura McDowell
September 6, 2017 11:01 AM
 I had a dream where I saw the high rise buildings in a city turn into waterfalls. Everyone in the city died. I saw everyone being raptured up in the heavens. An angel was standing behind each person. Half the people were holding a candle light as they were caught up into the heavens. Half the people had their light snuffed out. When the water settled it rose half way up the high rise buildings. The people landed in heaven. There was a sign, but no one could see what was written on the sign. The people will not see the sign of this event coming. It’s going to catch everyone off guard. Many people died. Pray for the salvation of souls now. Pray that people see the sign and get out of this city. Later I prayed and I asked God what city this was. All I saw was an art scape of a real waterfall on a building in Manhatten. The decorate the side of a high rise building in manhattan with a waterfall. I don’t know for sure what city this was. But this was a night vision from God!
Expat Girl

Here is the link to the dream that shows what Erin was shown by God about what would happen to the USA. Sadly most of this is coming true. ?. Montana is now close to having 1 million acres burned & the mainstream media is not even covering this. ?.

There is going to be major destruction & chaos coming all at one time. Then the “aid” will result in the invasion of foreign troops. ?

(taken from z3 news)



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