Short Prophetic Word: Now Is The Time To Seek Me (Byron Searle)

Short Prophetic Word: Now Is The Time To Seek Me (Byron Searle)


January 17, 2018

  • This word came to me yesterday in prayer: NOW IS THE TIME TO SEEK ME, the Lord said this to me 3 times and the third time was with so much force and power it was hard to keep writing. He was speaking to those who call themselves by his name. The world is going down not just America, and nobody is ready for what is coming.Byron Searle
  • If you are not setting aside a time to pray now is the time to start. Even if it is only 5 minutes to start, get alone listen to our Lord he is wanting to know and talk to each person. Jesus loves his children, just trust in him to lead and guide you. Jesus has never let me down, though I let him down by being stubborn and rebellious. He never left me always holding me in his hand. I thank God that he speaks to me everyday, I started out just praying and listening for 1 hour, now I’m am over 2 hours and it only feels like 5 minutes. God is good, but his judgments are going to Shake this world. Be ready, be prayed up.
    Amen. Love y’all (that’s Okie talk)
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2 Replies to “Short Prophetic Word: Now Is The Time To Seek Me (Byron Searle)”

  1. I am not on Facebook any longer. Do you send God’s messages and warnings to e-mail address? If so I am sending my e-mail to you. Thank you.

    1. Byron cannot answer you here or go to your email through this site. You might want to try another way. Sorry about that.


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