Prophetic Words, Dreams & Visions Concerning This Earthquake Coming! (Why God)

Prophetic Words, Dreams & Visions Concerning This Earthquake Coming! (Why God)

Patti Young It was a 9.1, everything almost destroyed”

Randy Hecker– “The magnitude of this quake will reach somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 and it will last for nearly three minutes

John Shorey “You can take it to the bank that a mega 9.2 quake will hit the Northwest.

Byron Searle“Yesterday in my prayer time the Lord told me that the West Coast is going to get hit with a 9.1 earthquake”…….”then told me, ‘The 9.1 is a foreshock of the 12.2 that will destroy everything.’

Rachel Baxter“Earthquake” written on the top and under it the word “Aftershock”

Kevin MirasiWhile Posting and sharing across the Prophecy of The LORD back then in 2012 (29th May), I Titled it as follows: ‘“A Prophecy (Dream) Where I Was Shown a Series of Earthquakes Imminently Going To Hit California, USA: A 5.7 (came to pass), and Then a 7.5 and Finally a 9 or 10 on the Richter scale.”’

Joseph Phillip Daniel Ministries,October 18  “9.0 earthquake Manifesting soon in quadrant 1 on the ring of Fire – Los Angeles California/Spoken on September 25th 2017″

Timothy Snodgrass 2004 Vision “A major earthquake in Alaska in the 9-point realm will be preceded by a smaller quake in the 7-point realm SOUTH of Alaska on the U.S. or Canadian Coast. This smaller quake will be a divine warning that time is short to avert a Great Quake. “

Anessa– December 10, 2017 7:05 PM
 I heard the Lord whisper in my ear a few days ago that the fires were sent to forcibly displace his people ahead of the earthquake, and that the earthquake would be coming SOON. The Lord did not tell me what soon means, but I imagine it means before the fire burned areas can be rebuilt for the people to move back in. I did share this word with others in the prophetic ministry to seek confirmation, and they have received similar words.
Bob Cooper’s Dream About An Earthquake In San Diego
7th & Gateway


The Lord God our Father in Heaven has given me two things that I need to share; and one of those things is that in the near future Tokyo, Japan is going to be destroyed, another is that a MASSIVE earthquake is going to hit the San Andreas Fault. He told me, while watching a trailer for the movie San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson, that it was going to happen, and then He gave me the number 9.7. Now I’m not sure how Tokyo, Japan is going to be destroyed, it could very well be an earthquake, and possibly even a 9.7; but I do know that what happened in the movie San Andreas is really going to happen. So please, if you live in either one of these areas, get and stay prepared. If possible, MOVE, GET OUT, RELOCATE, because your very lives depend on it! California IS NOT safe!!! Tokyo, Japan IS NOT safe!!!

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20 Replies to “Prophetic Words, Dreams & Visions Concerning This Earthquake Coming! (Why God)”

  1. The Lord told me May 25, 2018 that the next big earthquake in Alaska will be worse than the 9.2 in 1964 and all of the infrastructure will be destroyed. He has had me preparing for being off grid since March with very specific instructions of how and what to prepare. I now have a propane conversion on my generator, a 1,000 gallon propane tank, on demand propane hot water, filteration on my water well, a solar electric back up power system with large batteries, a garden, canning supplies, etc.

    1. WOW! What part of Alaska do you live in or are you elsewhere? Glad you are being obedient and have gotten prepared. That is truly important and most have shrugged it off including my family. I am the only one that prepared.
      are you called to be a “Joseph” and “a sanctuary” at the time this happens?

      1. We live on the Kenai Peninsula at a place called Clam Gulch. That is two bridges past Soldotna, the nearest town. If the bridges collapse into the Kenai and Kasilof rivers, we are isolated. Yes, this is to be a place of refuge. That is something the Lord put on my heart and spoke over us about 20 years ago, long before we had land in Alaska. At the time, I had no clue of the extent of the judgments that are coming, although I had see and heard enough to know w would experience it. It just didn’t register like it does now. As far as timing goes, the Lord has told me to BE ready because he is going to start sending people here even before the earthquake, and he said that I will weep because I didn’t grow a much larger garden and the need will greatly exceed the supply. Last night, I no sooner began puting away my tools when I finished working on the solar panels when he said to work on my Fod Excursion and get it running next “because you are going to need it.” I havent used it in years because of some problems with it, but it is a highly modified beast of a 4×4 vehicle. I have no clue what that is all about, but it is better to obey and be prepared than to try to get it running when I cannot get parts for it. So we shall see.

        1. I am not familiar with the area you mention here. Kenai Peninsula; is this in Oregon also? Sounds like you are being obedient and are a Joseph but you do know if you run out you can pray for manna from heaven or he will even multiply the little food you have left. I believe in that. How much do you think you stored for..50 people, 100? how big is your garden? i don’t think a garden can ever be big enough because honestly you need a ton to feed a lot of people. I am not a Joseph but i have prepared and put stuff away also and if I go, it will be left for those around me. I believe He will supply my needs.

  2. BTW, Mt Rainier is going to come down and many are going to be killed. TheLord told me 20 years ago that he could not hold it back any longer, so I interceded and warned people who live in the Orting/Puyallup valley, but nobody has ears to hear. The night he told me, he confirmed it through 3 random people with vision, dream and an “ominous foreboding that something terrible is goingto happen, like the mountain is going to come down or something.”

    I also saw 3 back to back dreams of a nuclear attack destroying Seattle with Russian cruise missiles. Middle of the night, streets gridlocked, etc.

    Around 1999, as I drove past the city limits sign of Seaside, Oregon, the Lord said to me, “Pray that my people will be out of this city when the destruction comes.” One big wave will wipe that city off the map. It is literally built on the beach.

  3. I am not saying that it will be a wave that is the destruction of Seaside. I am just saying that the city would be destroyed if a tsunami hit it. It could be a Russian invasion that destroys it for all I know. Henry Gruver saw a vision of a Russian attack at the mouth of tbe Columbia river, about 20 miles north of Seaside.

    1. WHOA and all i know is that things will be happening at once even..something one place, another disaster elsewhere and so on.

  4. I used to live in the Seattle area, made many trips to Seaside to pray and minister, and now live on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska about 3 hours from Anchorage. The garden is only as big as one guy with a rototiller can maintain. I think this house is capable of squishing in a dozen people at the most. That isn’t many, but I don’t have the income to do more.

    We have abundant moose the size of horses and lots of fish here, but in a catastrophe, the moose will be poached out of existence by hungry people in a hurry. Fish are seasonal.

    The big problem with food supply in Alaska is that 93% of our food for the whole state of 770,000 people is brought in on 4 ships that come from the Port of Tacoma in Washington. Wipe out the west coast and famine will become reality in a hurry for Alaska.

    Haven’t tried manna (obviously) but I don’t object to praying the heavens open every morning if that’s what it takes.

    1. Yes I can see that becoming a huge issue once judgment falls hard on us. Remember though He will provide. He keeps His promises. 🙂 Did you know they have one of the largest FEMA camps in Alaska?

  5. I researched the “Alaska FEMA camp” subject years ago. I came to te steadfast conclusion that it is an urban myth and pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking at best because in Revelation 13, the beast is given power to kill them, not house them. So let me throw out my remaining two-cents worth why I don’t believe the whole “FEMA camp” scenario, especialky in Alaska.

    Logistically, a facility that is big enough to hold 500,000 to 2,000,000 people would be bigger than our largest city, Anchorage, which has around 330,000 residents. I looked up the supposed camp locations on Google Earth and there’s nothing but scrub trees, swamp and tundra. No buildings, no railroad, no runways, no electrical infrastructure to support anyone, and in the alleged Fairbanks area, the winter temperatures drop to minus 70. The heat bill for minimal baracks would be astronomical, as would be the sanitary sewer and potable water systems in that permafrost region. It would be infinitely easier and cheaper to just shoot people or toss them out of airplanes over the ocean than transport them there to freeze solid in an hour. World wide, there are about 7 billion people. If 7% of them are truly ready to die and go to heaven (based upon a percentage I was given in the 3 nuclear attack dreams) that would mean an estimated 490,000,000 true christians. That would make for a lot of prison camps and prisoners that would require enormous expense to maintain. Literally trillions of dollars per year. The USA has about 330 million people living here. 7% of them would be 23,100,000 people. Nobody is going to pay out one cent to provide for anywhere near that many non-working “terrorists” who want to tear down the antichrist world order.

    For the sake of comparison, the Russians have lots of minimalist baracks for housing at similar far north latitudes as Alaska, and they are cleary visible on Google Earth and other satellite imagery and only hold 100-200 people. People take up a lot of space.

    Lastly, there’s only 770,000 people in the whole state of Alaska, which is twice the size of Texas, so a camp for 2 million would be pointless and billions of wasted dollars.

    Obviously, Revelation 13 makes it clear that there will be limited tolerance for those refusing the mark. But why bother throwing them in a camp if they are just going to be executed, and not just in the USA, but world wide? Nobody is going to feed or house them if they refuse the mark, so they are going to starve of be executed or starve to death without lengthy trials.

    As for me, I plan on being in heaven by God’s grace as part of the Manchild/bride/church of Philadelphia/Noah typology when the world finds out who te antichrist is at smooth worded gunpoint. His identity is already being revealed to the church. When I sought the Lord about who the antichrist is, I was told “Obama is the king.” I cannot see him having one ounce of sympathy and comfort for those christians who refuse to worship him. Not so much as a night in the local jail, much less a gigantic camp that is too big to control safely when 2 million people decide to leave all at once, especially with this nation coming under calamities that will break the world economy.

    So that’s my pragmatic and dismal viewpoint on the matter. Not telling anyone what to think, I am just a watchman on the wall and I have never personally “seen” anything from the Lord about FEMA camps and as I have tried to illustrate, they don’t make sense. The whole planet will be one huge concentration camp and those without the mark will be obvious because they will be homeless and starving. They will probably be hunted down, confronted with a decision and shot on the spot if they refuse the mark.

    1. Well they might be wrong about the size of it and how many it holds but I do believe that there is one there. As far as holding 2mil people I find that tough to believe. Church of Philadelphia means you are of the 144k? Do you have a Jewish lineage? What tribe? Would this be correct?

      As far as why bother throwing them in a camp? Why did they throw them in camps in WWII? Satan isn’t just happy using his people to just shoot and be done with it now is he? He loves to torture and torment does he not? The people will be tested and tried in the camps by God to see if they will stand up for him in the end or not. Most will not and will take the chip in the camp. Someone had a dream of this. Saw about 200 people gathered in the camp and they were asked to renounce their faith and according to his dream, only 2 did NOT renounce God. The rest did and failed the test and made their final bed in hell. This testing will try people’s faith. Amazing how everyone can say they will stand up for HIm now but under such torture, duress……..what choice will they make? These camps are real my friend. The Lord has even told me that and given Word on it also. I know they are there and there have been plenty of videos showing the locations and what they look like. There was a video of a pilot on his own plane just cruising through the skies and he was like you, did not believe they existed, and came upon a huge one in the middle of nowhere hidden and filmed it from the sky. So I have to disagree with you on that topic.

  6. I am strictly a gentile. The bride/ manchild/ church of Philadelphia/those who are raised from the dead and caught up together with them cannot be the 144,000. Philadelphia is kept OUT of the trial coming upon the whole earth, not sealed and protected through the trial as the 144,000 are. The bride is not strictly jews as the 144,000 are, but simply those who have washed their garments and made themselves ready. Most American christians (at least) are Laodecians and will be left behind to face the great tribulation for refining, pruning and martyrdom. That is why the whole FEMA camp thing is a moot point to me. Fenced in or not, they will behunted as terrorists who are a clear and present danger to the socialist 8th head world government. The only safe place to be is raptured into heaven before the slaughter begins en mass.

    1. I don’t understand this sentence at all: Philadelphia is kept OUT of the trial coming upon the whole earth, not sealed and protected through the trial as the 144,000 are. Please explain this better

  7. The long and short answer is these bible college classes:
    Apocalypse/Daniel, symmester 1:
    Apocalypse/Daniel, Symmester 2:
    Prophecies of the Last Days, Symmester 1:
    Prophecies of the Last Days, Symmester 2:

    The brief explanation, which does not do the eschatology justice, is that there are many prophetic and typological pictures of the bride of christ throughout the old and new testament. Think “Song of Solomon” for example. She has attained “perfection,” ie, “completeness” before the great tribulation. The letter to the church of Philadelphia was to a literal church, a literal church age outside of 4 walls on Sunday Morning, and to those who have become refined voluntarily such that there is no need for them to be refined in the affliction of the great tribulation. In all 3 facets, they are both jews and gentiles who are “spiritual Israel” and are the spiritual and not necessarily the literal hebrew offspring of Abraham. Rev 12, the bride/manchild/Philadelphia church is caught up as the devil is cast out of heaven for his short time on earth in the antichrist. The 144,000 jews, literal hebrew offspring of Abraham, are the first fruits christians of national Israel who are protected from death, go through the 3 1/2 year great tribulation and then are caught up to heaven just before God pours out the 3 1/2 years of plagues, possibly at the same time as the two prophet-witnesses who bring down judgment on unrepentant israel and are killed and left rotting in the street until they are raised from the dead in the sight of all and caught up.

    The devil HATES the untainted, biblical doctrine of the bride of Christ and the rapture because it illustrates that people have become like Christ (Gen 1:26) despite his best efforts to drag all souls into hell with him. That is why he has sown so many seeds of false doctrine on the subject. The truth is dangerous to him because those purified saints who have been found worthy to attain to the resurrection and rapture have completely overcome Satan as Jesus did. The 144,000 have the same heart, but they go through the tribulation, as do millions of saints who are luke warm and do NOT make themselves ready as a bride adorned for her husband because they are luke warm.

    I hope that helps. Rightly dividing the word of truth on this is extremely important to convey the seriousness of preparing to become “rapture ready” as Paul mentioned that he hoped to attain to. Many are called, but few are chosen.

  8. God gave me a personal word to get out of CA before ‘it’ hits. I don’t know what ‘it’ is, but I don’t want to wait around to find out. I am in extreme SoCal, not from here. I was brought here with a clarion call and I will arrive at my next duty station with the same. I do servant evangelism. I know this State is slated for Judgment and he does not want me to have to partake in that. Please pray for my provision as I am disabled, doing the best I can. I have virtually no income as the doors have closed for me here. I have some funds to move lightly and possibly start over. All things are possible with God. If he called me TO it, he will get me THROUGH it. I know what area he wants me to go to, but I don’t know anyone there and will have no place to stay. I am SO comfortable where I am now. Leaving here is leaving a great situation. But that’s what soldiers do….they suffer and do without for a cause. I pray for the faith to walk in this way. I am waiting on disability as I am able to only work part time. I spend more and more time in the word and prayer. He told me one day, “Do you love ME, or do you love money?”. He told me I would have enough for my journey. Yet I don’t know how. I know what he has said, and I have to take him at his word. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I don’t even know where to LAND in Florida. I think Northern. I just know he gave me a word for florida three years ago (that word is echoed in Chuck Youngbrandt’s Prophecy). Florida will be going under. Hurricane Irma (Goddess of war) was a type and shadow of this. I only shared the Florida word with friends through email. Now I have a wordpress page, yet I have not posted that one yet. He is calling me to Florida to be salt and light, to bring in a harvest. Apparently CA harvest is not for me to reap, even though I have surely sown for it for years.

    1. Wow, yes that is a tough one and I am in same position with no money to go. One needs funds and someone said that for God money is the easiest thing to give to us so I pray you receive it so you can move. where in Northern Florida are you going? My brother is in So Florida but unsaved still but would ask him for you if you were going there. Disability should come in on the 3rd of the month right? I can ask my brother if he knows anyone in the area he is calling you to go to. I have a friend in Lakeland Fla (I think that is where they are and they are Christians).

      Did you receive any hint when this disaster will strike in California? But you know Florida is going under also so you might be going to get that last harvest and He is taking you home early then. Halleluyah to that and you won’t have to deal with the giants and the rest of that. 🙂 Always a silver lining in everything isn’t there 🙂

      write back and I will ask those I know on email for you. Thank you and yes He tested me and took away all my money and it’s the hardest thing I ever went through because I HAD NOBODY to help me or care what happened to me even except one person and that person does not follow God. Imagine that! So I can empathize with you all the way here.

  9. Thank you, Ms. Sophie. I found the thread again. Next time I will be more mindful. Well, sure! You can pass my name and number, email along to anyone in Florida that you know. I am good at winning tough souls to Christ, so maybe this is how your Brother will be reached? As far as where in Florida, I would imagine that if I am there to “bring in” as the Father said, then I might just be all over the State? Or he may plant me in the danger zone and give me warning when it’s time to go North. I’m not worried. I know I will be protected and warned if it is his will. Either way, I am a sitting duck in SoCal anyway. I am not sure what he is doing yet. More will be revealed. The word to go there and do this is from three years ago! So, I am not sure where we are in the timeline, but I don’t think we have too many years left before it would. These calamities are here, and graduating higher and higher as if up a dark ladder of doom. He gave me a waking vision of that. I know I will work part time and will focus in on ministry and the prophetic, learning the word. I will let that trouble be enough for today. But I definitely had a talk with the Father AND Son and was like, “ok, I need a place to land”. Just like when I moved to San Diego from Ohio back in 2000, I studied ahead, had a place to land and started over that way. I did not have a precious mature cat back then either. He’s my family, ya know. So, we will see what God will do. I just need a bedroom, trailer, RV….wherever God puts me I will be happy whether in want or in plenty. I am a good tenant and not lazy. Ok, to be clear, I do not receive the Social Security yet. I am in the first appeal . Been waiting 3 years. I have been disabled about seven now. Savings ran out. I do work part time, which is all I am able to do. And actually lately, the Father tested me as well and told me to cease from working. No explanation, no date or length of time discussed. It was simply that I had no peace when I tried to work. It was a big test to just TRUST his voice, even when it makes no sense in the natural. The idea is to trust the all-powerful, all-knowing God no matter what the circumstance. Apparently I passed the test of 2-3 weeks going on like that because he has released me to work again. And he whispered to me why he had done it-to see where my loyalty was: with him or with money and the world’s systems. He gave me a word on this about his Economy, his provision. I posted it on the prophecy wordpress page I created. Am I free to post things here as well? This is a great thing you have done bringing us all together. For the spirit of the prophets is subject to the control of the prophets. I had always been a workaholic, which is an attitude thing. So, he is setting me straight. Lots of purification going on. I just keep pressing in and standing on his word. May I be counted worthy to escape all of the things which are coming upon the earth. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Lord, have mercy as we are still in the age of grace until you return. Thank you and praise you for this opportunity to be made into your image. In Jesus’ name (Yeshua Hamashiach) of Nazareth. Sorry if message jumbled.

    1. hmm interesting. He tested me on working and cut of 6 or 7 jobs I was applying for and after that even when I tried again and filled out a couple of applications, I got nothing. He still has me in this rabbit hole so to speak of not working. I had not tried after that for several months and then when I did again several months ago that door was slammed shut too on me. So apparently, you got off easy and I did not. He didn’t explain really why but I only sensed that it was that I would rely on Him solely. Glad He spoke clearly to you about it though.

      I hate this world and its lousy systems that caters to the elites. Yes, the purification process is painful to say the least. Personally I have nothing left of me just about. Everything I owned, believed in is gone. I am a walking shell and just want Him to fill me with Himself; fill this nobody up. Just want Him to finish the work He started in me, do HIs will and get the heck off this evil ungodly planet which is satan’s domain.

      I have sent a friend of mine Ken your email address and he will be able to help you I think about Florida since he has lived there for a very long time now. My brother is in the Keys. if you wanted me to do, I would ask him. He does leave though every 2 or 3 months and stays in Vegas for a month at his girlfriend’s house. He is not saved yet like I said.

  10. Ms. Sophie, thanks for the prayers. Where has he told you to go? And I see he has put you through this same test with money.

    1. I don’t know where I am going anymore. I only know I was told He would move me. Maybe to some remote island? LOL I will hang out with the dolphins ……lol


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