NEWS: Israeli Warplanes Batter Gaza, 3 Earthquakes, Plague Found In California, And More

NEWS: Israeli Warplanes Batter Gaza, 3 Earthquakes, Plague Found In California, And More

Israeli warplanes batter Gaza with missiles after day of rage over Trump’s Jerusalem decision: Air strikes injure 15 after terrorists launched rocket attack

U.N. pushing for $65 million to teach Palestinians to fight Israel (go to

3 powerful earthquakes strike Micronesia (M6.5, M6.4) and New Zealand (M6.2) within 10 hours: SQ-3 SIXES ALWAYS GET MY ATTENTION 

Bitcoin Has A “Whale” Problem: 1,000 Investors Control Nearly Half The Market

Pakistan Air Force Ordered To Shoot Down US Military Drones

When The Shelves Run Empty The Majority Of You Will Die. Do not assume that it will never happen. We are living in dangerous times. Some of us see it, but many do not…SQ-FOR THE PRICE OF AN I PHONE, A YEARS FOOD SUPPLY OF STAPLES COULD BE ACQUIRED! 

Season’s sleetings! Winter Storm Benji is set to dump up to SIX INCHES of snow on the Northeast TODAY as thousands of festive revelers take to the streets for SantaCon

Hundreds of flights are cancelled and schools are shut early in Atlanta as the south gets hit by rare snowfall

IT’S OFFICIAL: DOJ OPENS CRIMINAL PROBE INTO PLANNED PARENTHOOD BABY BODY PART HARVESTING Letter from Justice Dept. to Senate committee confirms federal criminal probe 

California Fires and Space-Based Weather Weapons- If a laser ‘DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON’ was used, it’s most likely a sole asset of the Department of Defense.

It killed 200 million European’s in the 1300’s: 2 bears found in California with the plague: Positive bear samples found in 32 counties in California. 

How does a near-death experience change you? Brain surgeon DR EBEN ALEXANDER heard heavenly music and saw waterfalls flowing into crystal pools 

Kim Jong-un laughs off global condemnation of his regime’s nuclear programme as he visits ‘sacred’ mountain where North Korea claims its first dictator was born

California chokes: Hospitals are inundated and thousands of face masks are requested to deal with smoke from the rash of wildfires that are STILL spreading, have seen 212,000 people evacuated and have left one woman dead


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