Prophetic Word: The Ship You Are Now In Shall Sink And Unless You Come Out Of This Ship, You Shall Surely Die (HolySpiritWind)

Prophetic Word: The Ship You Are Now In Shall Sink And Unless You Come Out Of This Ship, You Shall Surely Die (HolySpiritWind)

The Ship You are Now in Shall Sink and Unless You Come Out of This Ship, You Shall Surely Die

Received 12-3 through 12-6-17

As the winds of war blow across the sea (this refers to the people of the world), the waves will swell and rage, rising higher than ever before. My children, do not pray that I calm the storm, for it is written and it must come to pass and now is the time. Instead, pray that I calm you in the storm and that My peace may surround you. You must exercise your faith in Me now, for I shall call you out upon the waters, even as the storms grow ever greater in intensity. In your own ability you will sink and drown, for no man will stay afloat in the coming storm. Men who are used to swimming in the sea in their own strength will not be strong enough to endure what is now coming.

The nations of the earth shall be like ships tossed to and fro and will break up and sink because of this storm. I allow the enemy to do this as part of My judgment but My wrath is far greater. The ship you are now in shall sink, and unless you come out of this ship, you shall surely die.  Have faith and walk on the water with Me! I call out to you as I walk upon these waters and you will not sink unless you fear and take your eyes off of Me. Stretch out your arms to Me if you begin to sink into the sea and I shall pull you up and you shall walk with Me.


You see the dark storm clouds and waters rising up even now, but this is but a foreshadow of what is to come. The skies will be blacker than you have ever seen and the waves shall be a mighty wall and higher than has ever been seen by man, yet I will steady My children through it as they take My hand. I will be there! Do not lose your focus on Me! A few steps in faith is all you will need to take, but you must trust Me and not look at the peril all around you. You must remember the words that I have spoken to you and you must never doubt them, for I cannot lie. I will never tell you something that will not happen, but many have come and told lies of false peace and prosperity to My children and many have believed them.


The wind and the waves shall surely batter and rend you. You shall be given over to the tormentors and into great tribulation. Will you then humble yourselves and repent of your lying, sinful, idolatrous ways?

I tell you now My beloved, the reasons that the waters shall rise up over Babylon is for her great sin and because she will divide My land. Even as you witness this day, what many call a victory, the waters are stirred by the enemy. This is a scheme of the enemy. The outcry from Esau is great and their anger is kindled as hot as it has ever been. Babylon, you shall turn against My land as the conflict ensues and then you shall be utterly destroyed in one hour by fire. Esau and Jacob shall war like never before, though they have been since they were in the womb. Jacob, I have chosen you and I have called you by a new name, Israel, and though you wrestle with Me, I will prevail. You shall at last recognize Me as your Mashiach and you shall bow and worship Me as your King. My Father shall raise His mighty right hand and bring it down with a force that shall shake all of the nations and break apart any ships of safety that men have hidden themselves in.

Those who have faith and trust in Me shall walk on the water and be saved even in the mightiest storm the world has ever seen. Those who doubt and do not believe in Me shall perish.


Yahushua Hamashiach

Jesus Christ

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