Prophetic Word: “This Nation’s Economy Is Ready To Crash” (Byron Searle)

Prophetic Word: “This Nation’s Economy Is Ready To Crash” (Byron Searle)

“This nation’s economy is ready to crash.”

The Lord says, “My son, this nation is in a dive, a crash dive, and impact will be shocking and sudden. This crash will be heard around the world, and there will be no survivors. The pilot could not warn the passengers who were oblivious of any trouble. The plane started to ever-so-slightly nose forward and lose altitude, but I, says the Lord, will blow out the engines, and the plane will dive uncontrollably towards ground.

Now the passengers are terrified. Some try to kill themselves before the plane crashes into the ground, but to no avail. As the plane reaches a spiraling uncontrollable speed, it crashes into the ground. Nothing is left to pick up. All the passengers are dead, and the black box is destroyed so no one will know what caused the crash.

My son, since you have worked on jet engines, this word is for you to share. The plane that you saw was a big jumbo jet that is flying as high as the airframe will allow. The plane is the economy of this nation. Even though it seems like it is airworthy, the plane is slowly losing altitude. Then out of the blue, one of the four engines catches fire and explodes. The engines represent the various markets that support the economy. The pilot announced that it is nothing to be concerned with and  went back to flying the plane. Then a second engine, then a third and fourth engine blow out and catch fire. The plane then starts going down at a very sharp angle. The passengers are all screaming, “Let us out!” But no one hears them. Most passengers are in shock. The pilot announces that it is just a little turbulence and do not worry, the plane can glide if need be.

My son, this nation’s economy is ready to crash, and the bankers are saying everything is great, go back to sleep. My son, these are the last days. Do not bother yourself with anything other than to follow My voice and My will.

Many things are about to happen because of the sinfulness of this nation. No one is praying for repentance. Everyone is out spending credit for things they don’t need. If they heard My voice, they would be getting their houses in order, seeking Me in prayer, and preparing for what is coming upon the world.”

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