Prophetic Word: “My Son, War Is Coming To This Nation. This Is The 4th Judgment Upon This Nation” (John Shorey/James Bailey)

Prophetic Word: “My Son, War Is Coming To This Nation. This Is The 4th Judgment Upon This Nation” (John Shorey/James Bailey)

“My son, war is coming to this nation. This is the fourth judgment upon this nation.”

Appearing as a guest on a Christian television program, author John Shorey shared a prophetic warning given to him by a friend, as shown in the 10-minute video shown below, which was uploaded to YouTube on November 20, 2017.

The Lord says, “My son, these words I give you. The sounds of killing in Las Vegas is the sound that will be familiar to all in this nation. The strange (foreign) armies that will come up on this land will strip everything and all will be ravaged. This army will have no mercy and death will be a common site. My son, those who hide in Me will be saved. Those who repent and bend the knee will be saved. Those of My remnant who are led by My spirit will be saved.

My son, the windows of heaven are open, ready to pour out mercy and grace. But no one will listen, no one listens to My prophets. Those that criticize My prophets will not be ready. The season of the hurricanes are almost over, they are still cleaning up. The season of earthquakes has begun. I showed you the three volcanoes in the west. They will blow because of the earthquakes. Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Mount Adams will all erupt during the earthquakes. But even after all that, My Church will not wake up. My church believes the lies of the false prophets. There will be no prosperity, happiness, and the false happy days of the past. My church will know strength, humbleness, and prayer. Many millions will perish, but those who are My remnant will walk in power never seen before on this earth.

My son, many voices will speak in the last days of peace, prosperity, longevity, and happiness, but they do not hear My voice. They hear the voice of a lying spirit.

My son, war is coming to this nation. This is the fourth judgment upon this nation. Many of the sons and daughters will die by the sword. Many churches will be utterly destroyed. I tell you now what the fourth judgment is because now have all the plans been laid. The armies will come from the north and the east. Big cities will be a heap of rubble. I will have My remnant flee to save zones; there mighty revivals will happen. The body will wake up and move in power. It is during this time that My bride becomes the brightest light. This is when I will come and gather her unto Myself. My bride will be pure and without spot or wrinkle.”

He also shared the following word received on October 20, 2017.

“Hear My cry, hear My prophet who warned you to prepare. They have heard My voice, and My prophets tremble even though they only know in part. Beware the false prophets who say the world is going to experience good times and seasons. They do not hear Me, for judgments are coming and are here. Millions will perish, millions upon millions will perish from all parts of the world. America, you will suffer a great loss and will not recover. Have your house in order and be prepared to love your neighbor.”


Two prophets, Byron Searle and Brother Billy Nelson, both received similar warnings of four judgments coming with increasing severity, as reported in an article I posted on September 9, 2017. However, the details about the fourth judgment were not revealed at that time. Byron was simply told, “Many will perish in this judgment that will finally drive the Church to its knees, crying out for repentance.”

I believe these warnings because they confirm what I saw in a dream in 2014 when I was told about a plan to mass murder the American people. I saw the United States had already endured a series of severe problems, but each time, the news media worked in cooperation with our federal government to lie to the American people, assuring them all was well and a plan was in place to solve the problems. Most Americans believed the lies, so after each problem surfaced, they went “back to sleep” and did not prepare for the more severe judgments ahead.

I was also shown the one leading the attack was Barack Obama, fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy:

He will take action against the strongest of fortresses with the help of a foreign god. (Daniel 11:39)

The people I spoke with in my dream all referred to him as President Obama, which shows he will return to power either openly or perhaps even covertly. He had a large organization of ruthless thugs working for him, carrying out his plans, with an evil woman overseeing them. She reported directly to Obama.

Also confirming the warnings shared by John Shorey, God has shown many of His people there will be safe zones within the United States. However, in my dream, I was warned to leave the country to avoid being killed. I believe God has specific plans for each of us, so we each need to seek His instructions.

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