Prophetic Dream: She Can Be Saved (Jessica Whidby)

Prophetic Dream: She Can Be Saved (Jessica Whidby)

Jessica Whidby- December 4th, 2017

” She can be saved ” A Prophetic Dream That May Suggest War In Israel – Jessica Whidby

Jerusalem, Israel at the Tower of David. Stock Photo

I had a dream recently that I would like to share with you.

It was night and I was looking from the side, at a dirt road through a town from Bible times. There was no modern technology. It was as if something bad had happened. There seemed to be nothing left, nothing good anyway. There were almost no people there. Times were rough.
Behind me, to my left; I saw an old, homeless man sitting by some steps with a fire, trying to keep warm during the night. Directly in front of me, walking from the right of me, I saw a man walking upright. He was carrying a women across his arms. They wore Biblical looking clothes, him in particular. His clothes seemed more for someone on a mission than the typical one head to toe robe. I could see her hair hanging down. She appeared lifeless. I did not know if she was dead or not. She may have been passed out on the brink of death.
Then I heard a voice say, “She can be saved.” I wondered who this man was I saw carrying this women. I heard, “Elijah“. He was carrying this woman out of where he had found her. I felt like he believed nothing else there could be saved, but she could be. He walked onward and forward with confidence, not once looking back or around. He was taking her to where she could be saved.
I do not know for 100% certainty who the woman is. A particular person, America, Christians, Israel? I feel like he was carrying her to Jesus.
I think in many ways it may be Israel.
What I do know is that, “She can be saved”, and I saw Elijah carrying her to where she can be saved.
May God bless you, Jessica Whidby
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