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  1. Hello Sister, My name us Leslie. I am a 53 yr. old single women, whom is in LOVE WITH OUR LORD YESHUA HAMASHIACH. I am so thankful to the Lord for directing me to your website a few weeks ago!! I am also a Watchwoman for the Lord for since 2005. I use Facebook as my tool to help share & spread God’s warnings & his Holy Word. ***I am requesting your LIST OF SAFE HAVENS that are coming available for God’s Bride Church!! I am in Florida & God sent me a dream 5 years ago of a coming Tsunami in Florida. I know I need to leave here before the fall season! Can you PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR LIST OF SAFE HAVENS that you’ve gathered so far! Also could you PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! I am so worried that It may be near impossible for me to bring my 3 babes ( 3 senior cats) with me to a safe haven & I know they could never survive without me! They are indoor cats, always have been & they are family to me, like my own little children to me. I have been worried about them surviving what is coming. Has God told you anything about whether we can bring our pets with us to these safe havens? I also have to work fulltime & don’t get any type of $$ assistance, so I live pay check to paycheck right now. I am trying to sell most everything to have $$ to move this September & not having much luck with these sales. It is hard since I don’t have a yard to hold a garage sale, I lease a condo on the 2nd floor right now. Challenges, so many challenges everyday. Please pray that God will make a way for me & direct me to get to the safe place he has for me in time with my babes before the destruction comes! I have a sister in Christ nearby that is a widow & she is a Watchwoman as well. We are going to try to stick together & go together to a safe haven! I thank God he directed me to reach out to her on Facebook recently as well! Brother one of us had anyone who is awake in the truth of the times nearby us both (locally) until a month ago! The Lord has answered our prayer! Thankyou for your continued help from the Lord for all of us brothers & sisters in YESHUA CHRIST. Love from Leslie Kiser in Winter Springs, Florida, USA. **God Bless & Protect You Always🙏💗

  2. I also live in Florida and the holy spirit is leading me to move to the north. I am 62 and all my family is in Florida. All my children and grandchildren live here too. We don’t have long before all the trouble hits Florida. I have dreams and God showed me Isaiah 10 and 13. I am so fearful of leaving my family at my age but I must obey. Please pray I can sale my home soon and have provision and favor with this situation. Do you know of any safe havens in Tennessee. Jesus be with us all.

    1. I just read Isaiah 13. Yes, go out of obedience and I can tell you that if He wants you to go He will sell your house in no time flat. He did this for me when He moved me. I am alone and far away from my family too and they are going to have a rough time of it but they won’t repent and listen to the warnings I gave them. I tried and tried and will just keep praying that they all be saved. Where is He moving you to in Tennessee and are you going to a friend’s house or a relative’s or to your own place? I have been moved a couple of times and I am going again soon too.
      I had someone else ask me about safe havens too but so far He has not given where they are exactly but if God releases it and I see it I will definitely let you know. I told the other person too that God does not release everything at once until it is time sometimes because he is protecting us all so the enemy does not get wind of it. But I can tell you this, if He is moving you, He will lead you to where you need to go to a safe haven if that is His Will. Don’t fear; just go as Abraham went.


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