Kick Off Event, Puzzle Pieces & Critical Thinking (Jeff Byerly)

Kick Off Event, Puzzle Pieces & Critical Thinking (Jeff Byerly)

Kickoff Event, Puzzle Pieces and Critical Thinking – An Email From an Friend


After looking at the ‘headlines’ yesterday how North Korea (NK) can now target ANY city within the US, I think the Lord placed upon me some kind of “Put the pieces together my friend”, and when I woke up this morning, it seems (from my perspective) some pieces of what is about to take place are coming together almost like magic.

Do you all realize, that if NK or any other country wanted to attack the US, all they would have to do is get an old beater fishing boat, throw a nuke on it, go to any of our zillion harbors, and fire it off.  They could even do this at multiple harbors.  That statement was not from me, it was from a guy I read in the news a year or so ago.  His point was that what NK is doing is more about posturing than anything else.  Further, if you are going to attack another nation, you don’t go an announce it. (Commentary: This could only happen if it were allowed by the “deep state” and by the Father. Nuclear material can be detected from many miles away even in small quantities. That being said it could happen as part of a “false flag attack”. – Jeff Byerly)

A month or so ago, we were told NK could not have an ICBM for at least a year.

As of yesterday(Tuesday), NK magically came up with a ICBM, they launched it, it flew perfectly, and now they can hit anywhere in the world (and to be more specific the US) they want.

Each of you should be going – Wow!

If you combine what the Lord has been saying via His prophets with what the news reports, the picture that is being painted becomes real clear. In fact, it is like watching somebody put together a really bad B type movie.  Good guys vs Bad Guys (NK).

I’ve attached the vision from a guy named Bob from 2007.  It is VERY detailed, and frankly I’ve seen very similar information over the years.  It speaks of economic collapse, then UN soldiers (BTW, they are not real humans, but Bob does not know this.  They are some creatures/monsters who server Satan) rounding up Christians to execute them in horrid ways (again, we’ve seen this b4).

But what struck me as most interesting was this guy Saw the start of the economic collapse.  The lord took him up and he watched the SUN rise over Japan and their markets collapsed or crashed hard, then he saw nation after nation go down to finally he saw the US open, and it too went down.  For a day I kept wondering what caused this?

It occurred to me yesterday that what he saw was the AFTERMATH of the Kickoff event, terrorist attack, 1st strike against the US, etc.  Many have spoken about this event they just use different words to describe the same thing Jeff has spoken about for about 2-3 years now.

Pastor Faircloth has spoken about something hitting the US financially in many of his last few sermons.

I did some simple research.  What is the 1st major stock market to open: JAPAN (7PM eastern time), what is the last: US (9am Eastern time).  Go figure.  So what this guy saw was the aftermath of ‘something’ which caused these markets to sell off in order of their opening bell.

As I am certain each of you know, the current stock market and bond market is rigged.  I was listening to a report the other day that there is 20 TRILLION $ MISSING.  Yes, MISSING.  You can watch/read/listen here:

They go on to talk about how this 20T is in a fund which insures that the US bonds ALWAYS have a buyer.  He calls it Dark Money.  You hear about the money supply being X, but the real supply is 4-5x X.  In fact, he goes on to say that the US bond market has NEVER had a failed auction, which is impossible.


  1. For a long time, we have been told about some kind of economic crash – this isn’t just the prophets, but many others have spoken about how things can’t continue the way they are.
  2. Since at least 2007 we’ve had prophets speak of a massive sell off in the stock market and other markets which leads to a $ collapse.
  3. We have this dark money buying up all US bonds, stocks and I am 99% certain BITCOIN.  (These people who think Bitcoin is outside the system are insane.  Why do they not think the folks who can create $ out of thin air, can just create a pile of $ then buy bitcoin I have no idea)
  4. The same dark money is used to suppress the value of Gold/Silver (which I’ve been told by the Lord is ALLOWED as it gives HIS People the ability to purchase it!)
  5. We have prophets say a kickoff event will occur, and we’ve been told there are 2 FALL GUYS (I personally think the word FALL GUY has 2 meanings!).
  6. We have documented evidence from “Wernher von Braun” where he stated that the “deep state” will start off with USSR as the enemy, then they will find a terrorist cell as the enemy, then they will use a ROGUE NATION as the enemy, and finally it will be ALIENS.  And he stated it will all be lies.  (I am not making this up!).  So far he seems to be 100% spot on.  With NK being the rogue nation.
  7. Prophets say this kickoff event is a false flag attack exactly like the one which got us in WW2 and Desert Storm (9/11).
  8. In the past year since Donald has been elected, there has been this very strange escalation of NK launching missiles.
  9. We’ve seen some kind of strange technology used in the FIRES in California.  What vaporized the homes and businesses was not wild fires.
  10. NK can now hit anywhere in the US with their missiles.


  • The stage is SET for multiple cities to be destroyed by the false flag event. With NK now able to target any US city, they have set themselves up to be the “bad guys”.
  • The event will allow all the “assets” the shadow government has been collecting will to be sold.  They do not care if they lose $. This is about their New World Order.  In other words, the REASON why the stock markets will sell off is because the shadow government will be the ones selling. The people who got entangled will lose everything, and they will lose it really fast (this is like 99% of the population!) – they won’t be able to get out of the markets fast enough.
  • This event will probably occur AFTER 4PM eastern time but before 7pm eastern time since that is when Japan opens their market? More likely it will be on a weekend – just like the false flag that started WW2.
  • Most will get it wrong because they never take into account the prophetic part of the equation.  They assume nobody wants WW3 – they do not know what they are up against!PS – THIS INFORMATION IS SPECULATION AND THOUGH IT CONTAINS PROPHETIC CONTENT IT MAY OR MAY NOT BE WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS AND NO ONE IS CLAIMING THAT THE LORD TOLD THEM IT WOULD HAPPEN IN THIS EXACT WAY – JEFF BYERLYFacebookTwitterGoogle+EmailGoogle GmailShare
  • Here is the PDF of Brother Bob’s 2007 Vision recorded by Al Cuppett of Persecution and Martyrdom in the US.
  • Anyway, just wanted to share the latest pieces.  I know it is a lot of data, but it might make sense one day!
  1. Expat Gal says:

November 29, 2017 at 11:05 pm

Hi Jeff – I appreciate this site & your other site as they are among my favorite websites. I really appreciate what you are doing to keep all of us informed.

I agree 100% that Brother Bob’s vision is what occurred the morning AFTER the event. I also agree that bitcoin is part of the beast / cashless System & was represented by the bitcoin symbol on the necklace of the Phoenix on the January 1988 cover. Given that the cashless System with the fiat currencies being destroyed is scheduled for 2018, I believe the event will occur BEFORE Jan. 1, 2018. The event will likely coincide with very cold weather to make the pain, inconvenience & seriousness of the condition much WORSE!

Maximum pain & maximum chaos is the goal. I can only speculate that if the Elite wanted to cause maximum death & destruction, they will set off missiles off the coast of NYC, causing a tsunami, shutting the newly installed tunnel & subway doors to ensure minimal survivors. Maximum “Bang” – December 31st while hundreds of thousands “ring in the New Year” at Times Square when the apple drops.

When the markets open after the destruction, the markets & all fiat currency is collapsed & greatly devalued, if not fully. If you read’s 2025 prediction for different countries, you learn that the U.S. has lost 83% of its population in 10 years & 83% of its GDP. North Korea no longer exists!

Eyes wide open, full armor of God. Events feel CLOSE!

Many blessings to you!



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