The Catholic Church & Iran (Bill Salus)

The Catholic Church & Iran (Bill Salus)

The Catholic Church of Revelation and Her Daughters will burn forever. DO NOT BE A PART OF ANY CHURCH SYSTEM THAT FOLLOWS THE CHANGE OF THEIR DAYS, TIMES. Keep an open mind because again, it is a difference between where you end up!

We NEED to GET OUT of these false religious systems. This is all returning and it’s why God is purging the house of God. They have drifted too far away from what He ordained, established for all mankind to follow. Satan infiltrated the minds of men and we are under the rule of the Jesuit Catholic Business/Organization.

Yahushua MyAll

SO many Christians don’t even realize they are still under the Catholic Church. All the church leaders bowed to pope a few years ago. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing!!! COME OUT OF THE CHURCHES NOW. You are the temple of YEHOVAH stat assembling together in your homes/parks but get out from under the wolves.The Catholic church changed the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day they admit it!. I you now know that Christmas is pagan….celebrate the real birth of YESHUA commanded by YEHOVAH in the WORD!!! It is there can you find it? It is called the Feast of Tabernacle. Tabernacle manes Dwelling place…..Immanuel is GOD dwells with us. It is in the fall Sept/Oct…It is a feast of REJOICING and lasts for 8 days.

John the Baptist was born in spring and YESHUA was 6 months younger than John.  We will follow the Feasts of YEHOVAH also known as HIS appointed times. This is when HE opens the windows of heaven and communes with HIS people. If you are born again you have been grafted in and adopted by the FATHER so you are part of Israel and you are commandment to follow the feast and Sabbath and new moons. THEY are such a blessing!!!! I LOVE them such deep meaning and beautiful. YESHUA was Crucified on Passover and 3 days and 3 nights in the earth HE rose on FIRST FRUITS not Easter Sunday  How do you get 3 days and 3 nights out of Good Friday evening to Sunday sunrise??? Much love and blessings to you my brothers and sisters…celebrate Hanukkah  ..not the way the Jews do as that is false…but with a 7 candle menorah it represents YESHUA. The story of the oil is a fable. But use Hanukkah and a time to dedicate you and your families to YEHOVAH!!! Happy Hanukkah. Many believe on Hanukkah is when YESHUA was conceived in Mary womb. Those are times to be celebrating setting ourselves apart observing YEHOVAHs ways as HIS WORDS states.

Light Worker6211

the Catholic Church system is run by Jesuits and the evil elite families that created Popes etc. Anything that comes from Jesuits, knights of templars, Masonic entities, Catholicism…is all evil lies and deception. There are Catholics in these churches that are so deceived. If you go to church you are in the catholic system and are a catholic. The Catholic Church runs all churches. The whore of Babylon.


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19 Replies to “The Catholic Church & Iran (Bill Salus)”

  1. MsSophie, I have a couple of questions that I am trying to comprehend, and I am just looking for answers for my own knowledge and understanding. I do not know for sure what is right but am searching. If you would prefer to answer these via email – please delete this post and respond by email. I absolutely don’t want this to be misconstrued as a challenge towards you in any way, excuse me if I’m not asking in the best way as I am trying to do exactly that.

    By what method do you receive your prophesies? Is it a vision, a word by word verbal dictation by God or Jesus himself, or some other method? I am trying to understand how direct the source is and if any of the prophet’s views can steer the prophetic words or not. Why is there seemingly different messages given to different prophets. Some elements seem to be very similar across many prophets, but many seem to have a different twist or tone. I want to be careful to follow God’s truth, but how do I know who is presenting “truth”? This has been confounding me, and I am struggling to discern and am not saying anyone is correct or not – just struggling with HOW? The method of delivery would help me work this through… Is it directly from the Lord’s mouth or is there any interpretation?

    A couple examples: if you have the time to read these prophecies from other prophesy websites and comment on what you think and why they are different, I graciously would appreciate your feedback. PLEASE don’t take this as an attack – I am searching for the truth and I don’t know who is right or are they all right or something else? I am still young in my true relationship with the Lord and the Lord doesn’t verbally speak to me (yet?) so I have to examine things from different points of view to do my best to discern and see how the Holy Spirit guides me as I explore different perspectives?

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    If you prefer by email, that would be great too. If anyone else wants to chime in you are more than welcome to do so…

    1. The Apostle Geraldine Fisher link you provided is more or less her teaching on Romans 14. Using a section of scripture about fasting to teach her view. There is so much to be said here, but the Scriptures are clear on what is considered food. Pig for example is not considered food according to Leviticus. Paul was not telling people that they should consider swine clean and if you do not your faith is weak. Also Romans 14 is not discussing appointed times, it is discussing fasting. God gave us appointed times to observe that Yeshsu/Jesus observed. Are you trying to be like Yeshua or the world? I believe this lady may have received something from God, then put her interpretation in a message. Her beliefs.

      I find it interesting that Yeshua stated all the law (torah) and prophets can be summed up as Love God and love your neighbor, correct? So all the commandments are either to love God or love your neighbor, correct? Read Deut 22. Now, if you find someone’s dog and keep it for 10 months and then finally the owner shows up at your door. What do you do? According to the Torah, you give back the dog. Why? Because it is about loving your neighbor. Now, what about your temple, that is your body? Do you eat what God told you to eat? We ignore the Torah in regard to “these” commandments, but why? What about the appointed days we are to keep? Should we not be a peculiar people and obey God? The issue is we want to be like the world. Paul is not encouraging people to be like the world and to worship like the world in Romans 14. Would Paul tell the Romans or any other Gentile to participate in heathen worship practices and just say you are doing it for Jesus? And then further state that that person has a stronger faith because he will not leave his old ways behind and follow the ancient paths defined in the Word of God? I think it requires more grace and faith to go against the world and do it in love.

      I am not attacking those who eat pork or those who practice Christmas and Easter. I believe they are deceived by their own desires to fit in. Just like the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the 4th commandment of the 10 commandments, yet most Christians would say commands 5-10 are valid, but the 4th command is no longer required. Why?

      I love this Scripture in Acts. Read Acts 6. Verse 13 states that false witnesses lied about Stephen. They said he spoke about changing the customs delivered by Moses. Did you catch that?

      I know this was not your question, but I felt it was important to share. MsSophie can respond as well.

      1. Matthew, you should copy and paste these 2 answers and then blog it so everyone sees it. they just don’t understand that NT refers to OT and
        that the Word was actually all one writing and nothing changed except sacrifice of animals because Jesus became the Lamb sacrificed.

      2. Thanks for all these replies and info Mathew and MsSophie, I’m going to dig into it deeper…

        I look forward to your email MsSophie, specifically to how the prophetic words are dispensed to you. Sometimes email is better as there isn’t as much worry about offending – but public also allows others to follow the conversation and may benefit. I am just happy to hear from you either way you prefer

        Regarding this from the first link:

        “many are fighting over things like, should I celebrate Christmas or Easter, because of the traditions and the cultures that we live in.

        The LORD said that to celebrate these holidays is not necessarily a sin, if you believe in them and you do it to honor him!

        But, if you do celebrate and believe that it is sin, then you do it out of unbelief. Then it is not to the LORD, so it becomes sin.”

        To me this is saying if you celebrate Christmas and Easter to glorify God, even though it may not be the exact day or may have had some questionable beginnings – seeing your heart is right and it is to God’s glory (not santa or the easter bunny) you are acceptable in God’s sight and not sinning?

        I see your point regarding food and what is clean or unclean – and how did it become clean? Does this mean we need to eat Kosher as well and follow all other instructions of Judaism (circumcision, passover, Sabbath, etc)? I was of the understanding (possibly wrongly) that as Gentiles we did not need to follow Jewish Law. The veil was torn, Jesus’ sacrifice atoned for everything in the flesh (animal sacrifice and only the high priest could go behind the veil) – we can now stand before God blameless and holy.

        I must say you are really challenging my beliefs (in a good way). I really like that! I am searching for truth and realize my preconceived ideas may be wrong! I want to test and discern these new to me teachings. As I test these – don’t take my added questions as arguing with you – I’m not trying to be objectionable, just trying to prove things to myself. I am not claiming that I am right in any positions, just keep this in mind – just kind dialog with fellow believers…

        The Sabbath observance is a tough one for me – not so much the understanding its in the 10 commandments – but that all that don’t observe it are in violation and in intentional sin? I don’t have any real numbers here, but I am assuming that 99% of Evangelical Churches observe Sunday as a day of worship. As far as I’m aware, is it only seventh day adventists that observe the Sabbath. It causes me some distress that I may have to remove myself from the Church (but also the Body of Christ) and any of the positive influences I can receive or offer (partake in communion as well) in the group of believers setting. Even some of the prophets on this and other blogs are observing Sunday (pastor Faircloth) plus many Godly preachers (at least in my opinion) such as David Wilkerson, Paul Washer, Clayton Jennings are not following the Sabbath. This concerns me that the Lord has not revealed to them that they are living in intentional sin. How could the Holy Spirit not reveal this to so many Godly (again in my eyes) men? I’m just being honest about my concerns and am not attempting to try your patience.
        I look forward to further discussion if you are willing to continue. I appreciate your willingness to share your wisdom and convictions with me.

        1. I will write later but in answer to why Pastors etc that hear from God or speak for him when necessary partake in Sunday worship. You say you that the Holy Spirit did not reveal the truth about it to them and that is not so. They were shown truth of this day but then it is up to them to decide which one they will follow. That is the “free will” that comes into play. I remember when I was shown the Sabbath by the Holy Spirit. I actually drove to the Sunday church to ask my Pastor and got out of the car. Halfway to the front door of the church, I turned around, got back in my car and apologized to God for not believing him when He told me yet I was going to verify it with a human…a Pastor who was not following correctly and following Rome. I had to ask for forgiveness. So they were shown it either by someone else, a video, a messenger or however but remember one thing about these people. They have gone to bible colleges, they have studied theology and feel they are “scholars” on the whole Word. When someone who has not been a Pastor tries to show them, they get on the defensive and think they know much more than others. This is their error that they will have to answer for and it’s pride that gets in the way. I asked the Lord why these men won’t listen and He said “because they think they know more than you do”. Remember Paul. He only had 3 yrs of being taught by the Holy Spirit and knew more than men who taught and spoke in synagogues for 20, 30 or 40 yrs. Paul himself was a scholar and thought he knew it all and the Lord made him revert back to a child and learn all over again. He was in serious breach and corrected.
          I found it is foolish to show these men more than once or twice because they are not going to listen to anyone. I had a Pastor call me on the phone once banning me from his church because I mentioned he was teaching falsely and was in a “cult”. He bashed me on the phone telling me I was not Christian and I said “and you sir, are a Christian yet call me up slamming me in fury when you cannot even speak as a civil human being with me”. He bragged on the phone to me of how he knew the Word for 40 yrs and I said “well you might just need to start over because you don’t know it as well as you think you do”. See, they learn in the fake Bible colleges as I call them because those colleges are infiltrated with a mixture and some are ministers of satan teaching them. I don’t know but I do know they flat out refuse to listen to anyone.
          do they know Sabbath is the Day? Most do. I asked several and they all said Saturday (7th day) was the right one so I said “why do you do Sunday then?” and every single one of them that I talked to at different times said the exact same things “no one would come if I told them the truth”. So I said “then did you read the back of Revelation and what will happen to you for seeking your glory instead of doing the right thing” and they didn’t say a word back. I said “so you are telling me then it is for your glory and it’s all about the tithes”. If you had a Sabbath church service not many would come so your income would be much lower. I got disgusted with them all. It was apparent then to me it was all about their money.

          Test your Pastor in private. Ask him first who changed Saturday to Sunday? Then ask what day he thinks is the right day. See what he says. There are very few that are deceived in this day and age because most of them do know. They always give the same lame 8 Scriptures on Sunday which none say it is the “worship day”. 69 Say Sabbath or more in NT alone. Oh well, they will answer and I didn’t judge them and only wanted to find out truth then like you but found out how fake these men were. I got out of the church system and business organization because that is what it is mostly. I would rather hang out at a Bible study and service in a home with just a few people. Just me though. it turned me off and God pulled me out of the religious “system”. He told someone years ago that when they agreed to a 501c3 card that they “swore their allegiance to government and not to Him”. Does that tell you something right there?
          AS far as these men getting words etc yes they do but remember God uses anyone he wants for his purpose but that does not mean their walk is right with him. He uses trump and he is not even a Christian. I believe the churches will be torn down and steeples will fall and these people will be given a last chance to repent and if they don’t they seal their own fate for God does not want anyone to go to hell but people put themselves there. Pray for them. Did you see all the Pastors that went to the Vatican, ate with the Pope and they swore their allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church, the antichrist system.

          1. Thanks for the detailed reply.
            What seems so strange to me is what’s the big deal? NOT whether or not it should be the Sabbath or Sunday – but why all the push back against moving to the true Sabbath if they know what’s right? I can’t see any Evangelical Church giving a hoot about Rome or what the catholic church wants/does?

            David Wilkerson has preached such an uncompromising Gospel and placed such importance on crucifying your flesh, searching out God’s will and turning from the world and sin. Willingly going against what the Holy Spirit has spoken to him or that he just cares about $$… This is VERY sad.

            For me I don’t know of anyone I could fellowship with then as it is truly a pervasive belief in my area and I’m not in a big city. I suppose I could go to a Seventh Day Adventist Church? My kids (late teens) are progressing on their walk towards the Lord with much zeal in part due to their fellowship with other Christian teens and a youth pastor that challenges them spiritually. I don’t want to unplug them from that as this is not a lukewarm youth group. I am saddened and perplexed for sure.

          2. As for the Holy Spirit Wind word, that is a GOOD WORD. I will write to you on email about prophetic words but first take time to digest the Sabbath conversations and watch the videos too. hope it all helps you. then we will move on to the other. don’t want to overload your brain with too much at once.

            somehow I don’t think this got to you earlier. lol

          3. Evan, I wanted to add that I cannot emphasize this enough because you are rather new in learning about Sabbath etc and we are heading into some seriously troubling times and you MUST VELCRO yourself to the Holy Spirit literally during these times. When I was new in all this, I got myself into trouble because I did not know warfare prayers, I went on “feelings” and ventured into places I should not have gone, and so much more. I walked into churches that had witches and warlocks and I will bet my bottom dollar that church you go there are some there but you wouldn’t know it unless you are given that discernment and the eyes to see it. No one then warned me so I need to warn you so you don’t go through what I had to. You have to go to Him for everything during these end days. Just be very very careful these days!! God Bless You and your family!!

        2. Great questions! The first thing to come terms with is salvation is only by and through Yeshua/Jesus. He is the way the truth and the life. I firmly believe that we are to die to self as Yeshua taught and as Paul taught in Romans many other places. Put off the old man and put on the new man. The new man desires to obey God our Father. The old man desires the ways of the world.

          Next thing to consider is whether or not Yeshua would have eliminated the laws he came to fulfill and Uphold as righteousness. Yeshua was perfect in all ways. He obeyed the Father and even learned obedience in his suffering (Heb 5:8). Romans 8 teaches that the Father’s desire is to conform us to the image of His son Yeshua. Galatians 2:20 teaches that our lives are no longer ours, we died, but yet live! But it is Christ Jesus / Yeshua haMashiach who lives in us. We are to abide in Yeshua as He abided in the Father. 2 Cor 5:17 states we are a new creation and the old things are passed. What old things? The things of this world are foolishness to God and the things of God are foolishness to the world. Our way of thinking and behaving when we get “saved/delivered” is contrary to God. So we must learn God’s ways. It is a process.

          Salvation is free and we are given a heavenly inheritance. Wow! Amazing! Our God is good. Now, having said that, we can sell our inheritance in the same manner that Esau did (for a morsel of meat). We can go back to the vomit as a dog does, yuck! Paul makes it pretty clear in Galatians 5 and 1 Cor 6 that living a certain way means you will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. ALL believers need to pay attention to these scriptures as they were written to the body of believers.

          Now to answer your question about Paul Washer, David Wilkerson, etc. (Godly preachers). We have to be careful of basing our view of the Word on the lifestyles of others. But since you brought it up… Let’s examine the early Christians. Have you ever read the Didache? It shows that the early Christians would fast on preparation day… Did you catch that? What is preparation day? Friday the 6th day was the day of preparation before the Sabbath. The early believers still held to the Sabbath. Personally, I believe that as Father opens your eyes to something you are now responsible for it. Eventually, the Roman Catholic system gained ground and began persecuting those believers who held to Sabbath, dietary laws, appointed times (feast days), and circumcision. Why would those who held to the Roman Catholic system (the western church mainly) persecute and even kill other believers? The reason is because it is a picture of what is coming in the end time. There is nothing new under the sun. That system that was put in place was a state religious system. Please spend some time researching this for yourself. There are many opinions out there and I believe most of them are based on their western mindset and slant. One is not to worship the Sabbath, but rather worship the Lord of the Sabbath. Keep this in mind.

          Remember Yeshua kept the laws, he upheld them as holy and righteous. His teaching brought clarity from the Father, but so many want to twist even that.

          I do not believe those preachers are lost. They walked in love and humility. They taught/teach holy living. But they are not fully following in his commands. How much of Jesus/Yeshua do you want?

          If Romans 14 simply means in all things that if I consider it sin it is sin, and if I do not consider it sin, it is not, then we have a real serious problem. Is Paul saying that we can break God’s commandments as long as we do not think it is sin? I know so many people that do not even believe in the concept of sin, so I guess even they are fine according to this interpretation, hmmm. I think we need to step back and get an understanding of the entire section of scripture before we walk away with that interpretation. If a Christian said that it was not a sin to fornicate, would that mean it is not a sin? What about suing someone? What if I did not return your lost dog after having it for 6 months? I can go on and on.

          Many people claim that Paul declared we are not to keep God’s law, but they switch the language and say Moses’ laws. Are they Moses’ laws? Also, do not confuse covenant with commandments (Torah/instructions). Now, I do agree that not all customs should be adhered to because their are greater commandments to hold to. For example, do you take out your 22 year old son and stone him for being a drunk? It is in Torah. Do you marry more than one wife? It is allowed in Torah. Do you stone your wife if she commits adultery? and so on. The point is that the law of love, mercy, and forgiveness is greater. The law of love has no limits, you simply cannot love someone enough, can you? Ever stop to help someone and think afterward that you could have done more? Ah… no limit to how much you could help/love someone. Remember, we are to forgive and show mercy. But what about keeping Sabbath? We honor, adore, and worship the Lord of the Sabbath on his day, which leads me to another point.

          People have been indoctrinated by the use of the phrase “The Lord’s Day”. One hears this phrase and automatically thinks – Sunday! But what does the Word of God say? The only place that phrase is used in scripture is in Rev. The phrase is possessive. This means the day that Yeshua owns. Which day is that? He told us in the Gospels and all throughout the scriptures. Saturday – Sabbath. Yeshua is Lord of the Sabbath. That is the only day that was set apart. No other day was.

          I love the preaching of those men, but that does not make them correct on everything. Even John Wesley, another great preacher, believed that the scriptures taught 7th day Sabbath, but he (I believe) was not willing to keep it rather than Sunday.

          Read Numbers 15. Ask the Father about tassels. You are to wear four of them – not two or three or six. I believe this is directly tied to the 4th commandment. Pray about it. I encourage you to even get some tassels and wear them – Yeshua wore them.

          That is all for now.

          1. “…first take time to digest the Sabbath conversations and watch the videos too. hope it all helps you. then we will move on to the other. don’t want to overload your brain with too much at once”

            Good advice, MsSophie. Thanks Matthew for all that information.

            I spent several hours yesterday pouring through this information and watched several videos on the topic on YouTube. There is a strong case for this point of view and I thank you for sharing. Regarding the Sabbath, it seems pretty clear. Paul observed it too.

            My conundrum now is what to do… I work for the railway as a freight conductor. As such, it is a 24/7 operation and trips/work are assigned in a turn based environment. NO scheduled days off are possible – at all! I don’t even know when I am going to work till only several hours before called. A tough job to be able to remain rested for, let alone be off work for Sabbath. Even getting 24 hours off from sundown to sundown is rare on any day let alone the Sabbath as 24 hours rest is the most I’m able to book. One advantage of the job is that I spend 8 – 16 hours at an away-from-home bunkhouse and I get to spend a lot of time alone with the Lord in a “prayer closet” type setting – it has been a true blessing in that way. We are a single income family and there are not a lot of good paying jobs left.

            Sorry, I’m getting sidetracked here – the conundrum is can I observe it in spirit/heart when not home? Can I also worship on Sunday as well?

            Corporate worship in our Church moves me to tears often and I can truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit wash over me while there. My heart used to be SO hard! Tears never ran down my face in my previous life – now multiple times a day – often when praising or praying. I am a new man! Many tears drip from my face as I’m writing this… I dread having to leave that behind!

            I have been reading the Amplified version of the Bible recently (it helps me understand what the verses intention is). A while back I read through Philippians and I re-read it again last night. Something stuck out to me in Philippians 3:2. I won’t say what it is here as it could be taken offensively and that is the furthest from my intention. I read the commentaries on that verse as well and it cautioned against seeking after teachings of a certain type. This doesn’t apply to the Sabbath observance I don’t think, but to other topics addressed in this discussion. It’s just one verse and it may be sticking out to me because it’s what I want to believe is true? When I get to the bunkhouse tonight I will dig in deeper into that topic to see what else is there. Matthew in particular – no offense here, just discussion. You have so graciously taken time to explain things to me (from a point of love) and again I’m not making a stand on this but searching and not trying to discourage anyone.

            Here is the link to the verse in the Amplified Bible with links to several commentaries below the scripture window on the page:


            Any feedback on how I could proceed regarding observance of the Sabbath and secondarily what you think of the issue above would be appreciated.

            These discussions have been a real blessing to me – both in the help and guidance received as well as putting my beliefs and thoughts to paper so to speak. I know you have committed significant time to this – just know it is very much appreciated. God bless you all.


          2. Evan, I have certainly become passionate about this topic, but let me share some of my story. I started off in the Southern Baptist circles and have been to a number of other flavors as well. When I first became a believer I began challenging the brother that led to Christ. I would ask questions about why do we Celebrate Easter instead of Passover, why do we eat a pig instead of a lamb? At the time, I was not really sure what to do about some of this and just “let it go”. I began to be indoctrinated by the Church. I had to ask the Father to just show me the truth.

            Matthew 5
            17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
            18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.
            19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
            20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

            Notice verse 19? What is Yeshua referring to? I believe verse 17 and 18 give us the answer. The law and prophets. Law or commandments could be better understood as Torah (instructions). I bring this up for a reason. The commandments, that is instructions, are according to Yeshua to be followed and taught. The sermon on the mount in chapters 5 through 7 was then stripping away the traditions and bringing everyone to the Word of God.

            In regard to Sabbath, I encourage you to pray about it. Ask the Father to work out the schedule so that you have more time on Sabbath with your family. As far as Sunday church, I see it as a mission field. So many do not really know the Word. They to some extent worship Paul’s teachings as they see them doing away with the laws of God. As though the words from Paul are greater than Yeshua? Sigh.

            I think we have the desire to live as we please, we will see Paul giving permission for this. If we start with the foundation of Yeshua word’s and filter the Apostles writings against Yeshua and the Torah, you will come away with a different understanding. Also, most people are simply still interpreting the scriptures based on Roman Catholicism and they do not realize it.

            I do my best to observe Sabbath (okay maybe not my best), and do go to Sunday churches to establish relationships and provoke thought on these matters in a loving way.


          3. Good afternoon Evan,
            In answer to how you get that day off, you go to the Lord and ask him to open that door for you and then you must have faith & believe He can Do anything & everything and just walk through it. I worked in a hospital on weekends and we were the same; could not take off Saturdays or could lose the job. So, I was in a dilemma like you. This is what I said “I told the Lord, I will do this but you must help me get this day off and if you do, I will continue with keeping Sabbath” (something like that I said). So, lo and behold, I went up to the director of our floor and said to him “I need to have Saturdays off”. Do you know the director never ever asked why and just said “so what days would you like to work then?” and I ended up getting a better schedule overall. I stepped out in faith believing and it was done. People forget how God can also work on a man’s mind and have him do what God wants him to do. When you return to His Day, He takes care of everything for you!!
            This is what he did. they couldn’t believe I got it off and never again did my boss ever ask me to work on it. Once someone wanted me to fill in for them and so I said “if you want me to go in that day for that person, make it happen but if not, please get someone else to fill in” and again, He didn’t want me working on it and so He moved someone else to take that shift. So, it has always been that way and people just do not have enough faith to just “go for it”. You have nothing to lose and like I said, returning to Sabbath brings multitude of blessings like protection and much more. God says we are to call Him on it and claim it is done and then it will be done. If you are too scared, then you are in disbelief as if He can’t do it for you. You will be surprised at how God moves. Also, He might even get you a better job but honestly I don’t think soon you will even have to worry about making an income because our economy is close to crashing very soon. But in the meantime, step into the cloud and go for it. Don’t worry about it, believe and your boss won’t even be mad at you. If you doubt though in your mind, you could easily change that situation and that would be you doing it to yourself and might run into a problem. I was nervous walking in the director’s room and in about 1 minute I was calm as can be. He smiled, was very nice and I was much happier with my new schedule than before because it used to change a lot but now I had a consistent one week to week and always knew what days I had off. I ended up with 3 days on, 4 off in a row and got rested. Made the same amount of money as before.

            The other thing I want to address is I know several people that went back to Sabbath and they DO NOT go to any Sunday services anymore. They were all pulled out of it. Now, If the Holy Spirit speaks to you on an individual basis and tells you to go to one, then do as He says but if He didn’t directly tell you to go and you just go because you feel you should, then you are operating once again from your will and not God’s will so just be careful of that. I was removed from all of them because it is not God’s day and we are to “be separate” from Babylon. So were the others I know.

            People tend to do what they want on Sabbath too and are not keeping it like they should and again they are just doing what they like to do on that day. I again would seek the Holy Spirit for all wisdom on this because we need to align ourselves with heaven and not with man.

            God brought you to this site and He is inviting you to His Holy 7th Day and saying “will you ride with me”. He loves you very much and because you are crying so much He is “purging” you and revealing His heart for you. Some don’t get this “purging” because they run around with people all the time and do not spend much time alone in their prayer closet with him. They can’t seem to do that “alone time with God” very well. Each is different and I personally really enjoy the “one on one” relationship more than just hanging out with a bunch of people on the Sabbath.

            So again, unless the Holy Spirit specifically assigns you to go to a Sunday church, DO NOT JUST GO AND DO IT. Don’t go on a “feeling” that you should; that is flesh calling you to do it. Let Him lead you on these and only Him and let no man tell you it is fine to go on Sundays. That is not necessarily so at all.

            so have faith, step into the cloud, and believe and your doors will open like never before and you will be forever blessed!!! He loves you very much and accept the “invitation” and I can assure you that you will never be disappointed for doing so!!
            Much love to you!

    2. I can tell you right off the bat that the hiskingdom removing the religious boundaries is totally false. God does not contradict his word ever!
      they are saying you can celebrate paganism and idolatry without it being sin. WT???? that is like saying you can covet your neighbor’s wife because
      it is in their culture to do so but does that make it okay? NO. Anyone writing words that we can go AGAINST God’s commandments is teaching people to go against God.
      All I can say is that this person does not FEAR God to put something like that out there.

      That first word you sent me I would bet my last dollar on it that they are lukewarm at best in their walk.

      I will email you later on the other one and after I drink some tea. 🙂

      1. As for the Holy Spirit Wind word, that is a GOOD WORD and I will explain in email what that means about reformation and the type of revival coming later.

  2. Compare Romans 14 with 1 Cor 8. You will see a similarity. Another thought… God calls swine and other creatures unclean and not food. Additionally, God calls it an abomination to eat them.
    Some things to reflect on:
    1. What makes them clean?
    2. What makes God consider them food?
    3. What process removes them from being an abomination?

    The food (meat) Paul was writing about would be related to food defined by Leviticus and related to it’s handling and sacrifice of the animal. Connect this with the confrontation Yeshua had with the Pharisees about clean hands.


  3. Met Bill Salus at a Conference in Orlando in 2014. He’s a very nice fella but is a dangerous pre-trib believer, as are all pre-trib teachers. You’re gonna go thru a good part of the Great Tribulation, whether you like it or not. Rapture will happen but not til the last trumpet sounds, and the “wrath” you haven’t been appointed too? That is damnation. Hell itself, not God sparing your butt from the seal openings or the Trumpets. Bill’s take on the Psalm 83 War may be legit? We’ll see? Looks like he is expanding his topics on Catholicism and Iran?. Not sure he is really qualified to do so but I might need to review more of his material? Strange brew between the Pope and Islam?

    1. I agree with you that there is no pre trib rapture. First of all there are harvests, but this word “rapture” is used and abused too much.

  4. I think this thread is getting too many replies, there is no longer reply links? Hopefully you will see the reply way down here 🙂

    Matthew, I watched the video you linked as well as the other related videos from the same organization. Very thought provoking! I appreciate the way you explained everything.

    A couple questions – can you entertain the thought that the 10 commandments are what is being referred to as the law as opposed to the Torah? The reason I ask, is that would include the Sabbath and it seems to be that ALL of the law (10 commandments) need to be followed. The Torah, from what little I know and a bit of googling and exploring both sides – has 613 commandments with 100’s of additional rules added to the commandments over time. I am assuming some of these commandments may include stoning your son for getting drunk, etc… like the examples you mentioned in an earlier post that they may no longer apply. If they don’t all apply (and that does make sense as we are under a New Covenant) maybe the Torah Law wasn’t what he was talking about? Maybe Moses Law (10 Commandments) is what is being discussed? It also fits in with teaching elsewhere that murderers, adulterers, liars, etc can not enter the Kingdom of God? No mention about violations of the Torah Law. Again, I am not making a stand on this – it just seems to fit better? I don’t know… I have been praying for guidance/discernment on these topics we have been discussing.

    An article I came across in my research also makes some good points, but will only post the link to it as I don’t like the way they condemn those who would Judiaze the Gospel. I know you have a pure heart and obviously love God and I don’t want to offend and I’m not saying I follow what they are saying as I am still trying to work this issue out. Some strong points on both points of view – and I am still searching for the answer from the Holy Spirit and further examination of the Word.

    Here’s the link:

    I do see a strong case for observing the Sabbath, I can see the logic of it. I am praying for time to be available to observe the Sabbath and wisdom to know if I can also attend on Sunday as well. This is a big topic and I haven’t received clear guidance one way or the other in my heart from the Holy Spirit. I will continue to request the Holy Spirit to steer me, and hope He has patience with me as I search for His truth. I have been strongly convicted of many things by the Holy Spirit – but He has been somewhat quiet on this topic so far. Thanks for your gracious reply Matthew, and taking time away from what you want to do to help me. I will pray that the Lord blesses and anoints you (you too, MsSophie!)

    MsSophie, that was a very encouraging story of how God made way for you to worship on the Sabbath – a real faith builder! You are right – God DID bring me to this site, and has used it to powerfully speak to me many times over the last few months. My alone time with God is precious to me, I look forward to it every day. I never thought of my tears as being “purged”, but that makes sense. Most often the tears are of joy – being overwhelmed at His Glory and Love, at the changes He is bringing about in me and the intimacy that is building. Sometimes tears of sorrow for so many years wasted and the effect my hypocritical lifestyle had on my oldest daughter – who wants nothing of God anymore. I pray Jesus will reach out to her and heal the damage I caused in her life with regards to Christianity. I certainly had very little in me and was woefully inadequate – loving so many sinful things and so little love and forgiveness in my rock hard heart.

    But that is finally NO MORE!

    One day maybe I will share my story of how I was brought home – a very odd chain of events, that included many things you might not expect to be fruitful.

    As I said above, I will search out guidance and discernment on the Sabbath and ask for help to get time to try it out.

    Thank you for your kind support and guidance, and for operating this blog. My prayers are with you and that you may continue boldly in your calling.


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