Has The Bride Made Herself Ready? The Body Of Christ Is NOT READY!!! Time To Get Serious!!!

Has The Bride Made Herself Ready? The Body Of Christ Is NOT READY!!! Time To Get Serious!!!

things are increasing at an alarming rate. All kinds of crazy things coming forth that we can’t even keep up with that we have to put out for all. NOW IS THE TIME to GET SPIRITUALLY READY yet He is not coming just yet. WE have to go through trials and tribulations. Most of the church is not ready yet. They are not turning from sin. They are not repenting and don’t feel they need to. One thing to remember is as this kick off event shortly starts the endless downhill spiral you will not be able to sit quietly with the Holy Spirit, chaos will be everywhere, and survival will be on your minds. Now is the time!! Repent daily, get right, and then turn around and do an about face and change your attitude about sin. As kick off event comes, millions will die most likely and days are numbered.

This is not to instill fear in anyone but just the opposite; to take advantage of the free gift of salvation while you still can. I am warning you; you will be shocked at what is coming and it will throw you if you are not grounded in Yeshua. He is offering you life everlasting so why is repenting so hard to do? Do people honestly think they are not in sin or that he will accept anything less than holiness? It is a journey; we are called to be “overcomers” and that means “put to death your flesh”. We are all called to stay away from idolatry, all manmade traditions and to obey His commandments as He said to.

Come as you are! Nothing too hard for our God! Reject it and it won’t bode well for you in the end. We are speaking of eternity, no get out of jail card ever. Please, I urge all to just stop what you are doing now and make an about face. A sincere effort. Repent, ask for forgiveness and then stop sinning. If I said “I will give you 100.00 a day if you quit fornicating” would you do it then? Your reward for turning from sin now is receiving what money can’t buy; it is everlasting life with the King of Kings in a most beautiful Kingdom that is coming!! You can resist temptation, you can turn from sin but most don’t want to give anything up because they love it too much. TIME TO CHANGE THIS ATTITUDE. IT TRULY MEANS LIFE OR DEATH IN THE END.

Abusing God’s grace won’t get you in. Grace given did not give anyone a free license to keep sinning. Stop believing the lies of the enemy!! Yes it is true we sin everyday and that is why we are called to repent daily because we sin daily. It is a necessity and He is more than happy to purge you, clean you up. We are all a mess and we need His Help. We need Him but until we let Him in, He will not come! He is a gentleman!

When people abuse God’s grace given, it is trampling on Yeshua and His sacrifice for you. Don’t you understand He took the beatings, whips, the nails for you and laid his life down so you could have life? It’s a beautiful exchange and He has proven His love for you.

Now just Love Him the way He requires; obey Him, turn back, stop testing God! You will lose!

Time is truly short now before it all starts at once. Once kick off event starts, it will snowball out of control. One thing after the other. I say this out of love and I desire you all to make it!! Stop dismissing and mocking all that are warning you of the dangers now. I want to add that this “is not doom and gloom preaching”. This is REALITY of what is going on in our world and in this nation now. Those behind the New World Order are the ones bringing the doom and gloom upon us as they all hunger to take us down and kill us off. Throughout history, it has always been about “power and control” and they don’t care who they kill to achieve their goal.

You will regret not listening and it will be too late then. Right now, so many are totally unprepared still and take this way too lightly!! It will cost you dearly for doing so!! WE must all remember it is NOT ABOUT US but It has always been about Him! We were born to live for Him and not just for ourselves!

Much love to all

Do you desire to be the Bride? Then prepare!!! Enjoy the songs! But take it seriously, games are over now! Time to go “live” soon because warnings are coming to a close for all soon!! These are 2 newlyweds dancing and interestingly it is Rachel and Jacob dancing!! 🙂

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2 Replies to “Has The Bride Made Herself Ready? The Body Of Christ Is NOT READY!!! Time To Get Serious!!!”


    So very true we NEED to make that 180 degree turn and repent with a contrite heart and true sorrow and remorse for the sinful life we have led. To love Jesus with ALL our hearts (which makes us WANT to be obedient) and to give up our selfish pleasures of the world and all intentional sins. We must fill our hearts and minds with good things, love for our fellow man and be slow to anger / quick to forgive! Don’t hold onto hurt or offenses from others – release YOURSELF from that pain we are holding onto by forgiving the person who wronged/hurt us. It truly is freeing to do, to release the hate and anger that has been corroding your being for years! Strive for a true heart for God and surrender to His will and LORDSHIP over your life. Praise Jesus with all your heart, come before him with reverence, respect and awe and especially THANKFULNESS!

    Ask Him to point out and expose to you wrong attitudes and areas of your life that need to be addressed. It is a continuing work, a purification PROCESS brought on by a growing and more intimate relationship with your Creator, your King, your Savior, your Friend – one whom loves you more than any earthly love could ever compare! Let the Holy Spirit work within your heart to refine you like gold, to spawn a love in your heart that will send evil running and draw people to your light of Jesus in you. Let His work in you be done.

    I have found the information in Neville Salvetti’s free ebook on deliverance ( http://nevillesalvetti.com/lulu%20books/delverance_lulu.htm ) to be extremely helpful to me in my journey. The self deliverance method taught in his book profoundly freed me from sinful desires, anger, violence, pornography, hate, unforgiveness and more. It is so simple once you understand the mechanism of it – giving Jesus lordship and authority of areas you are being afflicted with then commanding Satan to leave on the authority you have given to Jesus and away he goes… There is a little more to it (a 5 step process) but if your heart is right and you are sincere it will crush persistent sin or negative behaviors in your life. He has a huge amount of information on his website and teaches an uncompromising theology that is die to self/live in Christ. No hold barred – strong Biblical teaching. Some of the grammer and sentence structure isn’t spot on, but the teaching sure is.

    I agree with you 100% MsSophie, the Church in North America is for the most part lukewarm and chasing after worldly desires, being taught grace without sacrifice, and easy road – not “take up your cross” and follow a narrow winding path to redemption.

    I beleive the most fertile soil for us to plant seeds is within the Church, to expose people to the full teaching of the Gospel and what is truly expected from us by our Lord and Savior. We need to hold our Church leaders “feet to the fire” so to speak. In a loving and non-condemning way, but rooted in the Holy Word and after much prayer and fasting to prepare the way. That the Holy Spirit will convict the hearts of the people of the wayward Church and that He will pour grace and forgiveness upon the Church to renew a desire for holiness and love for our Creator and fellow man. This is what Paul did for most of his ministry – appeal to the various Churches of the era to correct their ways and revive Jesus’ bride. Calling her to be committed to love, obedience and holiness, and to be a powerful conduit of Jesus’ Power and Authority over ALL evil.

    Want to get evil/witches/illuminati out of the Church? Don’t abandon them in defeat, but strive against wrong teachings with the Lord’s guidance and power – to bring the anointing of the Holy Spirit BACK to the Church and make it unbearable for evil to stay. I believe the Church itself is ripe for harvest, so many need to be shown the right way, to believe in something real – that makes sense and isn’t easy! As the Holy Spirit changes lives it becomes contagious, and the fire spreads ever increasingly. I believe the Lord is calling us to step out in faith and bring revival to the Church – He has our back and will work wonders through our weakness, our step out in faith to reintroduce the Glory of the Lord back to his wayward flock! He won’t leave us swinging in the wind!

    One of the most beautiful things I have ever heard was what my 9 year old niece told her father. At a Church service where the Holy Spirit was moving, she said she watched an angel pour out a jar upon a woman that was praying – and she fell down to the floor in praise. He will pour out His grace and love on our Churches IF we turn and repent.

    I am convicted that we are being called to minister His Truth and Word to the Church, not in condemnation or confrontation but in the true Love of Jesus – with the Holy Spirit preparing the way.


    1. Thank you for the wisdom in your words that the Holy Spirit laid on your heart.
      I agree with you 100% too Evan and if people would get out of “religiousity” and back to how First Century
      Believers were there would be a huge revival then and the enemy would never stand a chance but the churches follow
      Rome and doing so Rome has deceived the masses. They need to get away from this paganism and idolatry.
      Thank you so much for the site for “self Deliverance”. I just found out we can actually deliver ourselves recently.
      The Holy Spirit is awesome and that vision that the 9 yr old girl had is beautiful!!.
      I try to keep some posts I write short only because most don’t have a long enough attention span or time to read
      pages of anything written. Otherwise I would write longer articles.
      Keep on that narrow road Evan and I will pray for you as well as your father, Ellwood. I saw how my father in law took care of my mother in law and
      he did it for 9 yrs and died before she died because it was so very hard on him. People don’t understand that the caretaker has it hard too. I worked
      in home health for years, a hospital and also those in terminal care so I will pray for you too. May God’s strength keep you!!
      Blessings to you.


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