We Are Like The Flowers Of The Field! I Welcome All Here & Enjoy Your Comments. I Am Called To Warn But I Am Also Open To Always Learning Too

We Are Like The Flowers Of The Field! I Welcome All Here & Enjoy Your Comments. I Am Called To Warn But I Am Also Open To Always Learning Too


god is love: Mothers hands holding a newborn baby.

Will be back on in a couple of hours and then post more! Enjoy the videos that the Holy Spirit wanted shared. I am always amazed at how much He keeps calling to us to return to Him. He really loves us all so very much and we just don’t realize how much. We see “redemptive judgments” coming as God being hateful and evil yet it is not Him who is evil. Man accepted evil. Satan is the one that has done his best to destroy us all. Some he did, others keep fighting him off. Redemptive judgments coming are to get us to come to our knees and realize we need Him in our lives again and they are “to redeem” us, “to save us” so that we don’t end up in hell forever.

I want to say I welcome all of you to comment and I am not like those on FB that love to bash you, hate you, curse at you or delete you. Unless you are cursing me and are super nasty, I will not delete you. I appreciate everyone’s input because we all offer something to one another. We are the body and need to operate as one. Each one of us has something to offer another & we can all learn from each other. I am about being a “team” member with believers, not fighting against them. I agree that we need to pray for all even those misleading and those that got taken in by that New Age in churches and such. I do pray for Pastors, preachers, leaders of nations too. WE all should. Everyone is redeemable if they repent. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has done things shameful. Everyone has been taken in by lies. We are human! WE are a fallen race.

I look forward to the day coming when His kingdom comes that all nations, tongues and tribes will be as ONE. We all came from God and He sees no color and he expects us to unite, not be divided and hateful to each other. We are to stay away from all hate groups, from hating each other. we are to be children of God and that means “peacemakers’ not hate mongers. As Jesus (Yeshua) demonstrated when He came to earth how to love each other, let us follow that road instead of the road that leads to our demise.

A rest for a few hours from all the evil that Illuminati has planned for us all and we all need a breather. I can honestly say it is most difficult to find news that is happy and I tried to find great news. Couldn’t find much. All we have to remember in life is that it is temporary and where do we want to spend eternity? I know where I want to be! How About you?

Bible typographic. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. Stock Vector - 53174128

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5 Replies to “We Are Like The Flowers Of The Field! I Welcome All Here & Enjoy Your Comments. I Am Called To Warn But I Am Also Open To Always Learning Too”

    1. Thanks so much for posting that link Peggy. Eternity perspective – I like that! I cant wait to experience the heavens roaring with His praise! Forever. Its hard to fathom.

      I find I can get quite focused on the coming judgments and where and what is coming to pass. All very important information and we NEED these watchers on the wall in a big way – to keep us from being deceived and keep our eyes on the Lord and prepare for what He WILL be calling us to do.

      I found that refreshing to look forward to the spectacular and amazing eternity we will be spending with our Savior and Creator, and that we will enjoy what His will has been for us since time began!

    1. Thanks again for that one Peggy. It is interesting that you picked that specific post… It really spoke to what I am dealing with right now. My elderly father who lost his wife 9 years ago and was still living alone in his house had a stroke and fell. Been spending the last few days in the hospital dealing with doctors and tests and a father whom is having a very difficult time communicating what he wants to say or understanding what anyone is saying to him. He is stable, but very frustrated and really wants to be anywhere than where he is. He truly wants to go to his heavenly home, but is stuck inside a body and mind that are struggling to function. It must be very difficult for him and we are all praying that God’s will be done whatever the result is. It sure is hard to see your father in such a predicament, and I have certainly been crying out to the Lord for help.

      This should help me steer my emotions into something more useful:

      “One of the PRODUCTIVE things we can do and I choose to do, when those “grief moments” hit . . Is to turn that into intercession for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, for no matter what we are enduring. . . THEY are facing more than we can imagine”

      In addition to praying for the persecuted Christians around the world, if anyone wants to join in prayer with us for my father as well, his name is Ellwood and we have been praying for peace, comfort/rest in Christ, healing and that the Lord will make his presence known to him. He is a Godly man that’s been patiently waiting to go home and see his wife again. God is so faithful. I trust He will do what is best as He loves him more than even me.


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