Prophetic Vision: The Constitution In America Will Be Suspended As Evil Lurks (Kerry Ann Gidden)

Prophetic Vision: The Constitution In America Will Be Suspended As Evil Lurks (Kerry Ann Gidden)

Another dream under comments here:

Sathya MD41 minutes ago

My another dream. I was a bit hesitant to share. because it touches the political arena .. Anyway. I will share as it is… I don’t speak or stand for either party. All humans are evil need to be saved, washed by the blood of JESUS CHRSIT. Jul 08,2016 I saw Democratic party grow strong and so beyond evil. Most of the Republicans also joined ( for survival matter) them.. other party came to no existence almost. very few in the other party. nobody cared them. In the Grown democratic party, Everybody is in one accord. meaning there is no public(citizens voters) and politicians difference. They didn’t need anybody’s donation/money, approval. They owned everything. Wickedness has done by this new Democratic party ( I don’t know call it as a party, new group) is undesirable. who over stands for righteousness ( not only Christians, regular people who have basic morals) are tortured, attacked ( not just ridiculed, hated or despised). Physical, verbal abuse was beyond description. Only people can be outside either sexually immoral or with violent rowdy spirit. Christians and regular good/weak people went in hiding… our family also on the run. we left home to flee. thru country roads. we saw one of our church family ( husband and wife with 3 kids, grandma) on the run to flee. we kind of trying to join them … suddenly one violent gang surrounded them and started to torture and throw them like a ball ..the gang enjoyed much of their violence. In shock, we all are frozen and didn’t know what to do.
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