Prophetic Word & Teaching: Dregs In The Wine And Fodder In The Food (Terri Hill)

Prophetic Word & Teaching: Dregs In The Wine And Fodder In The Food (Terri Hill)

Dregs In The Wine And Fodder In The Food

Who among God’s people are able to separate the clean from the unclean?

Who can tell the difference between the subtle counterfeit and that which is authentic?

Who is able to make a distinction between the holy and the profane?

Who possesses the skill to cast aside the worthless fodder, to extract the grains of truth? Truth is often wrapped in a husk that must be discarded!

The Lord says that those whose diet consists of a pure substance from His table can recognize the flavor of His food. They will discard the worthless portions of the multitudes who sit by their flesh pots; Exodus 16:3. There are those who know the difference between fresh manna and the stale bread of a previous day. And the one who has tasted the wine of heaven, will recognize the foreign taste of the dregs contained in an unfiltered wine; Jeremiah 4:11.

Those who move and minister in the strength of their carnal nature, will produce a wine full of dregs. The strongholds of the flesh are as dregs that influence and corrupt the wine. And the Lord says that this is being poured out among the congregations of the people, and His people know it not. They cannot discern it. A true anointing, and the wine within His wineskin, contains measured, costly and precious ingredients. It carries the aroma from a pressed extract, which comes from a carefully tended vineyard. It is tempered, seasoned, pure and holy; Exodus 30:35. It is a sweet fragrance to those who are pure; it ascends before the throne as sweet perfume. But the pure wine that is served from the Master’s table is an offense to the carnal ones. They prefer the wine of worldly intoxication.

And how is it that so few feed upon the corn of the Word? Why is it that so many will ingest that which is worthless and consume the husks? It because their spiritual taste buds are dulled and immature; it is because they have been feeding upon that which comes from another table and they have grown accustomed to its flavor. Other  tables are the ways of the world; the tables of religious  tradition, and tables of pleasure and the opinions of men. They are tables full of vomit; Isaiah 28:8. These are the tables of Laodicea.

Can you see that there is a great need for the ears to be trained by the Spirit, and that it was, and still is, necessary to apply the blood to the ear of the priest; Leviticus 8:23-24? Can you see that every message and every word must be brought before the Lord for His interpretation, and that the fruit of the messenger’s life must be proven and examined? All men have a natural hunger; all have an appetite that will be satisfied by either the things of the earthly realm or the things of the Kingdom. Why then do God’s people accept and ingest the mixture? Why do they swallow the dregs and eat the fodder, which are unfit for consumption? Why are so many like the prodigal, who fills his belly with the diet of animals, “wild things”, instead of nourishing food, the corn of His word? Why have so many refused to partake of the fruit of the Fathers vineyard, and the wine that is served at His table; Luke 15:16?

It is because they have fallen into carelessness and squandered their living by gratifying their own appetites. It is because they will not repent, and therefore, have fallen back into natural tendencies. It is because they shun the truth that requires them to deny themselves. It is because they do not weigh and measure all things against the plumbline of God’s Word. It is because His people have not learned to separate the precious from the vile; Jeremiah 15:19. It is because God’s people want to preserve their own lives; they shudder at the pain of embracing a cross that leads to their own demise, their own desires, and their own preferences. They have valued their opinions, their intellect and their friendships with men, more than they value cultivating an intimacy with the Master. It is because they have made mere men their rabbi, their father and their master; Matthew 23:8-10.

Those who run and prophesy according to their own will, speaking vanity or a false vision out of their own hearts abound among the congregations; smooth words are easily swallowed and do not offend. The Lord warns His people not to listen to them because He has not send them; Jeremiah 23:16, 21. The true words of the Lord are as a fire which burns the chaff, and like a hammer that breaks the rock of pride and carnal, stubborn resistance into pieces; Jeremiah 23:29. His word is alive, piercing the heart, penetrating the depths of our nature; Hebrews 4:12. Are you pressing into the Lord Himself, feeding upon His body and His blood, or have you filled your belly with that which is common among men? Many seek to serve the Lord God on their own terms: partaking of worldliness, consuming the notions of men, feeding upon fleshly substance. Many thrive upon the lower, natural life. They cover themselves with their own apparel, with  false coverings. “Seven women” take hold of one Man, but they eat their own bread and wear their own apparel; they want to be called by His name, and they want Him to take away their reproach; Isaiah 4:1.

If idolatry remains hidden within a vessel, if the motives are not pure, there will be dregs in the wine. If rebellion is present within a vessel, there will be fodder in the food. And many consume the mixture, unknowingly and in ignorance. Many refuse to ascend the mount of the Lord to meet with Him, face to face; instead they insist that another go for them. They will not pay the price to seek Him; they cannot hear Him because other voices have dulled their ears. Beware of the mixture in the camp!

The substance of heavenly food is not created from the talents of men or the labors of human hands. Grain must be crushed and subjected to the threshing floor. Loaves must be formed by the hand of the Master; these are created from fine flour that has been carefully sifted, over and over again. And the oil is applied. This is the acceptable bread, that which is offered by the priests of the Lord.

In a great house there are different kinds of vessels: vessels of gold (the divine nature that emerges from being subjected to the fire) and of silver (the work of redemption); some of wood and of earth; some to honor and some to dishonor. If a man purges himself, he will be a vessel unto honor; 2 Timothy 3:20-21. Common pots of clay become vessels of honor; they are filled to the brim with water. And when the Master speaks the word, they are transformed and their contents are changed. This is that which is present at a joyful Marriage celebration; the water of Earth becomes the wine of heaven; John 2:1-11.

Terri Hill


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