Forgiveness Is One Of The Hardest Things To Do But Oh, So Worth Laying It Down At Jesus’s Feet And Being Set Free!!! Beautiful Song For You!

Forgiveness Is One Of The Hardest Things To Do But Oh, So Worth Laying It Down At Jesus’s Feet And Being Set Free!!! Beautiful Song For You!


Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do when someone truly has either tried to destroy us or they did destroy our minds, bodies, spirit and emotionally we are dead inside because of the pain inside. It is so not worth holding onto because it eats us alive and condemns us to everlasting torment. I prayed To God and cried out telling Him I needed Help with forgiving what was done to me and it was awful. I prayed and asked Him to take this burden from me. Please do the same because it is just tearing you apart inside. It is hard to go on when we feel that betrayed, hurt and ruined. Satan then speaks in our ear telling us to stay bitter and hate them. He wants to keep you “locked” into his final end. WE truly cannot move on in our lives until we finally let it go. God says “let it go, hand it to Me, let Me heal you”. Let Him wipe those tears away from all your pain! Did you know He feels our pain and hurt. I must have made Him cry so many times because He does cry when we cry!! I can’t even imagine how many tears flow in heaven from His eyes daily! Many have seen Him crying!

I found this and thought this is nice so posting it and it had no author but I hope and pray it touches someone today on here to just “let it go and let those tears flow”. It is healing to just cry, finally just wanting it all gone. The hurt and pain of it was literally crippling me mentally, emotionally and even manifested in illness! I told God I was sorry that I was having such a hard time with it and He swept in and He literally took away the bitterness and hatred away. It was so very freeing! Now I am no longer sick and because of His great Love He healed me when I let Him in finally! I no longer let it be my identity or a crutch I needed to lean on. Let him free you! Don’t blame yourself like I did because you feel you didn’t measure up or you feel worthless or unloved. You did nothing wrong! Most likely you were the one that loved too much and you are the more sensitive person! Be freed and then pray that the one that did it to you so they too can be saved because there are huge rewards in heaven for this.

Here is what I found:

Forgiveness can be a tremendously difficult virtue. It does not come easily or naturally. Perhaps only those who know what it means to be forgiven can truly learn to be forgiving. It is only when we can face with honesty our own shortcomings that we can accept the good grace the limitations, faults and failures of others.


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