Prophetic Word: An Event Is On The Horizon & Which People Will Be Raptured (God’s Handmaiden)

Prophetic Word: An Event Is On The Horizon & Which People Will Be Raptured (God’s Handmaiden)

this could very well be about this time/season now we are in

This is nice about who loves the Lord: How they walk.


John1 year ago

WORD September 14, 2016 Sister Mary Who will be raptured?
I come to rapture those who are captured in Me. You will see, it will soon be! My children seek Me deeply. Not on a human level, but whole-heartedly. They worship in My Holy Spirit. They are of true repentance, awaiting no sentence, to come to repentence. They are filled with love, and covered by My Blood. They stand firm.
No man can separate the gratitude they show toward Me. Man cannot change their hearts, nor their attitudes of Me. They cleave like a child, holding onto to your sleeve in a crowded place. They long daily, every hour, every minute, to see My face. They allow no one, no nothing, to take My place. They understand that this land is just a state in time. They drink of the heavenly wine. It is a sweet savour. They understand who they are in their mighty Savior.
They do not fear, they boldly wipe away every shed tear. For they know and understand everything that surely comes to pass in the days ahead have been ordained by their Master’s hand. They do not waver in great and abundant faith. Oh how they can’t hardly wait the rapture date. Keep strong My precious children, I know you truly long to be in My presence. Soon my children, soon. Stay away of My signs.
Things will happen very fast, and all will soon come to pass. You will shine like the stars! You will shine as clear as the glass . Your new body is not of this earth. It is not made of dirt! It is spirit. You become part of Me, you’ll see. It is unimaginable, nothing of this earth can describe My beauty, your beauty! There is no envy of what’s to be. Everyone coming into My kingdom will know their rightful place.
Some sing in the heavenly choirs, some are around My throne, some will garden, and all are pardoned, to be with the King, and will wear white robes and crowns and rings. You will never miss your old things. You will raise your voice in praise and sing a new song to Me. Heaven has the most beautiful scenes of nature you can fathom. Vibrant colors of green, yellow, red, blues, and so many other hues. Radiant are the skies, no pesky flies!
Beauty is indeed everywhere, you will not worry about your hair! The air is crisp and clean, you will feel like you are in a dream. But this is your home now and forever more. Forever more you will be in perfect peace and will enjoy eternity.
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