Comment Made: Something Big Is About To Happen Or Snap

Comment Made: Something Big Is About To Happen Or Snap

Time is so close to running out and mockers and scoffers will regret every word they spewed out against those warning them.

this was under a prophetic word by Glynda and felt I should share it: We are that close

After watching the Harbinger I felt led to fall to my knees. This was in 2015 or earlier. I had a internal vision. Very strong
I saw the years 2016-dwindling into 2018
The words “milk and honey”
I saw a glass pitcher that carried the two
Then the milk and honey was poured out until the last drop and the pitcher was taken and smashed
But after that…I got something that lines up with what you felt
I saw a pile of dimly lite hot coals. The year 2021 and then the phrase “judgement complete”
God often speaks to me in timelines but I usually have little detail. I wanted you all to know. Happy to hear anything you get in your spirit but deep in my heart I believe I have a good enough picture
I’ve felt a real tension in the air lately. Something big is going on or about to snap in the spiritual atmosphere. Things are very serious. But I have great peace 🙂

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