Prophetic: Shown I Am Risking My Life To Tell You All The Truth & Demons In Human Form Leading To Totalitarian Society (A Change Is Coming)

Prophetic: Shown I Am Risking My Life To Tell You All The Truth & Demons In Human Form Leading To Totalitarian Society (A Change Is Coming)

I was told something very similar to this that satan is really livid with me for exposing him and now I see this. he wants us all dead that are exposing his lies and plans that the Lord gives us.

Demons do not have the Holy Spirit. They are cold and callous; pure Evil incarnated. They laugh; they smile; but it is dark… Their only pleasure is in making others like them… loving and doing evil… So throwing their evilness in our face is done for their sick games to torture those that worship them when they see them in hell. Particular demons are assigned to each individual from what I have learned from God. I saw the demon assigned to torture me when I was in Hell; unfortunately there were several; but one top one; and she looked just like me. It was a familiar spirit. These assigned demons torture their prey till by chance they make it to hell. Then the same assigned demon will meet them in hell to torture them more. Eventually God will throw the demons along with the souls in Hell into the Lake of Fire. But for now those souls are being tortured; and I have seen it. The demons that are celebrities, pastors and politicians are Top Level Demons… your Leviathan; Belphegor; etc…. They have Multiple souls, tons, that they will torture. The Lord showed me that in a dream. There is a hierarchy of demons. The lessor demons are Not so famous and have little or no horns. The celebrity demons often have HUGE horns. But the biggest demons I have ever seen; with the longest horns are the FAKE PASTORS… and if I say any of the pastors names the masses will not believe me. But I am telling you the TRUTH. Please everyone take my advice…. “STAY AWAY FROM MEGA PASTORS”…. Francis Chan was a mega pastors; but he is a real man of God. GUESS WHAT… HE UP AND WALKED OUT OF HIS MINISTRY AND NOW DOES SMALL GROUPS ALL OVER THE WORLD… Look up his testimony on that. He said that having a Mega Church is wrong and people should not be paying so much to hear a free gospel. I don’t know of another mega pastor that is a real man of God… and I tell you the truth MANY are top demons… because they lead more people to hell than the other demons, with their watered down fake gospel. Their congregants actually sin more after coming to their fake churches; and they are being taught not to feel bad about their sin do to that fake gospel of Once Saved Always Saved. JESUS SAID JUST A LITTLE BIT OF LEAVEN LEAVENS THE WHOLE LUMP!!!! Don’t ignore that little bit of leaven. They may say or do good things here or there; but they add just enough leaven to make sure the hearer goes to hell. God bless you all.
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