Prophetic Dream Reveals Great End Time Battle (Marty Breeden)

Prophetic Dream Reveals Great End Time Battle (Marty Breeden)

Prophetic dream reveals great end time battle

In a dream on October 7 2017, I saw WAR!

I saw mass casualties, but I could tell this was no ordinary war. It seemed to be truly “other dimensional”.

I saw saw the wounded, the sick, the weak, the lame, even those who were still in the fight yet trying to protect others still. I recognized some of these people as “first responders”. Being in law enforcement myself, I realized there are also “first responders” in the Spirit.

As I saw the fight ensue, there was weaponry I had never seen before. The attacks came from land, sea, and air. (I think these attacks are being felt today by many and seemingly out of nowhere.)

I saw some who were so wounded they were no longer in the battle. They had been hurt so bad, not only were they out of the fight themselves, but they were also bitter with those who WERE still in the fight!

Even as I entered some of the rooms to visit them, I saw these soldiers were so angry they would throw anything they could get their hands on at those who were trying to serve them (I believe this to be the current state of many in the body of Christ!)

I saw even those who were battle hardened were being attacked with great fury. These were the “first responders” who stayed in the fight, even denying their own personal pain, in an attempt to help others.

As the battle intensified I wondered at one point if anyone could possibly SURVIVE! I saw an exchange and rotation of troops. I saw both good and evil. I saw certain areas were won for a while and the area was “cleansed,” but then I saw the opposition come yet again to try to retake what they had lost. It was as if there was no break in the action. Where one group had seemingly conquered an area, reinforcements were sent in to disrupt to make certain that area was still being fought for with constant pressure being applied. (The Bible tells us we “wrestle” with our enemy because it’s the one form of combat where you NEVER take your hands off of your opponent!)

There was palatable sense that we were to stay engaged in this struggle because we KNEW that at some point very soon our “Commander” was going to arrive on the scene and all armies would bow at the sight of him!

Personally,  I felt my own flesh failing. As I began to get weakened, I recalled falling back to the hope that was within my heart that regardless of the current state I was in, I was going to eventually experience ETERNAL victory and that I was the called of God to fight for such a time as this.

I distinctly remember having this sense that I was not responsible for the outcome,  but I was responsible for that which I was given by my “Commander” to hold until He came!


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