Prophetic Dream: America Represented By Wrestlers Randy Orton & Ted DeBiase, Jr. (Adam Steiger)

Prophetic Dream: America Represented By Wrestlers Randy Orton & Ted DeBiase, Jr. (Adam Steiger)

America Represented By Wrestlers Randy Orton & Ted DeBiase, Jr. (Adam Steiger)

Hello again, brother Jeff.

Just now, as I was browsing through your whistler-blower page and reading through Ashley Quinn’s prophetic dream warning concerning Trump, I was reminded of a similar one which I had back in late August; symbolically involving the U.S. military’s defeat upon the world stage.

It was, certainly, one of the more vivid dream warnings that God has given me yet; and involving people in which He specifically knew I would recognize.

Anyhow Jeff, I wanted to now share that warning dream with you, in full, below, along with an “interpretation key” that I earnestly prayed to the Holy Ghost for (upon awaking):

August 23, 2017 (before 7 a.m.)

After a certain point in my dream, I am now, apparently, on a military base as a 3rd-generation pro-wrestler named Randy Orton (dressed with a tucked in black t-shirt, pants, and boots) purposely walks into this base with a brown rifle in his hands.

He is very intent on starting something.

Just then, a small group of about 5 soldiers approach and begin surrounding him.  In response, Randy gets in a good initial shot and fells the soldier in front of him with a butt-stroke to the mouth, with his rifle.  In retaliation, one of the other soldiers then, I believe, shoots Randy in the chest — dropping him.  The soldiers then begin severely beating him; with one of the finishing shots involving one of them fiercely kicking, from behind, Randy’s spinal cord as he attempts to get back up.

…after a little while, another 3rd-generation pro-wrestler, Ted DiBiase Jr., then purposely walks into this base…but with a black rifle in his hands.  And now, an entire military platoon is present and off to Ted’s left.

This time, I quickly approach him — pleading and yelling “PUT THE GUN DOWN!“.

By the time I reach him though, Ted doesn’t even get an attack in…as he is shot just one time and killed.

Immediately after his death, as I’m standing there, the military platoon in front of me (wearing black uniforms) is now in rank formation with their backs to me and at attention as a sad song, similar to military funeral honors, is playing over a loudspeaker somewhere on the base.  While they are at attention, they are also saluting — but their right arms are completely extended out — specifically with the fist clenched and wrist extended outward (i.e. emphasizing the wrist).

Out of a show of respect I’m at attention also, but am still very grieved and I don’t salute.

One of the soldiers in formation front of me then authoritatively commands me “Put your wrist up!“.

In response, I scream out “NO!!!”.

/dream ends

– – – – – – –

Immediately after awaking, I then heard a police siren blaring down a highway just outside of my neighborhood.

Interpretation Key

  • USS John S. McCain Being Damaged

I’m adding, here, the recent event involving the USS John S. McCain being damaged in a collision, due to the similarities of John McCain being a 3rd-generation military serviceman.

I believe that event ties in with my dream, as both the sleeping quarters and the communication lines being damaged represents a two-fold reaction, involving an upcoming attack on the U.S.  The damage to the sleeping quarters is a sudden and abrupt “wake-up” for the people; while the damage to the communication lines represents upcoming chaos.

  • Randy Orton

Randy Orton is a 3rd-generation pro-wrestler for the W.W.E.  He represents the United States.

Pro-wrestlers, by nature, are showman, in that they portray a persona in the wrestling ring of either a superhero or a super villain — but it’s all show.

In America’s case, he puts on a good show, in assertively coming onto the base and “looking the part”.  However, he is ill-equipped to face off against the small group of soldiers which then approach and surround him.  And in spite of America getting off a confident initial shot on one of the soldiers — a severe beatdown then immediately follows.

I believe that Randy wearing the black t-shirt is significant also, in that black symbolizes evil.

  • Ted DeBiase, Jr.

Ted DeBiase, Jr. also is a 3rd-generation pro-wrestler (who once wrestled for W.W.E.).  He, too, represents the United States.

During this second entry into the military base, Ted, in like manner, puts on a good show in assertively coming onto the base.  This time, however, there is a whole platoon of soldiers close by.  Ted’s black rifle, I believe, is significant and represents, perhaps, a curse upon America’s weapons.

And, despite the front, America has nothing to offer in terms of a credible offense against the soldiers, as he is immediately dealt with and finished off with a single shot.

  • Why The Pro Wrestlers?

Because I used to be an avid fan of watching pro-wrestling, and God knows that I have an understanding of it and what it symbolizes, when applied to America.

I believe that Randy Orton and Ted Jr. were portrayed, specifically, due to their 3rd-generation status — and that Randy, Ted Jr., and John McCain share some kind of common denominator with each of them being 3rd generation in their respective fields.

…World War III might be the common, symbolic denominator here.

  • The SoldiersThe soldiers represent other nations.

The first time, in dealing with Randy, a small group of soldiers confronted and surrounded him.  They are armed and can, truthfully, handle America (the pro-wrestler showman) with little trouble.  America is still confident in himself, though, and gets a really good initial shot in on one of the nations (…North Korea?).

However, this act of aggression is met with an immediate — and severe — beatdown on the U.S.

By the second time, there is a much larger, more organized platoon of nations standing by, as Ted Jr. then purposely comes onto the base for a fight.  Again though, America is only portraying a tough image and, in reality, has nothing to offer in terms of any kind of credible offense.  The nations, by now, have nothing to fear, whatsoever, from the U.S. — as just one of them takes him out with a single shot.

  • The Military Base

In the context of this dream, I believe that the military base represents the world stage.

  • Sad Song/Military Funeral Honors

I believe this symbolizes the official death of the U.S. as a credible power, as the platoon (other nations) “honor” his death at attention, while the funeral honors play over the base loudspeaker.

  • Right Wrist Extended Salute

I believe this portrays complete allegiance to the upcoming one-world beast system.

Additionally, the right wrist being extended outward toward the source of the loudspeaker represents submission and embracement of the upcoming “mark of the beast”.

And my defiant resisting of it may represent the needed attitude from the body of Christ.

– – – – – – –

If any further interpretations are impressed upon me, I will update this post with them.

Lord, please send as many as “have an ear to hear” to read this message.  In Jesus’ holy name.



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