More News For Today; Get Ready For New Hurricane Brewing, More Wildfires Intentionally Set Etc.

More News For Today; Get Ready For New Hurricane Brewing, More Wildfires Intentionally Set Etc.

New hurricane is brewing in the Atlantic called Ophelia

Ophelia poised to tie a hurricane season record more than a century old

VERY IMPORTANT ALERT–Volcano warning: Canary Islands panic as earthquakes hit La Palma – 40 tremors in 48 hour:EAST COAST OF U.S> SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS LIKE A HAWK!

A major quake, (6.3) in Chile is the 4th in 36 hours 9 volcanoes showing activity and a Coronal hole on our Sun facing Earth the ring of fire is flexing it’s muscles

Violent storm, orange-sized hail hits Corrientes, Argentina

AMERICA UNDER SIEGE Most people don’t understand that Antifa is not really targeting fascists but intent on committing violence against mainstream conservatives and civilians.

North Korea ‘hackers steal US-South Korea war plans’ – BBC …

At least 10 killed by wildfires in California wine country …

End of the Line for the Middle Class:80% of popluation the U.S. have suffered an economic decline-NAFTA,along with unimaginable Greed insured the end of the Middle class! Trickle down economics doesn’t work.

 Pray for this child’s safe return. What is wrong with parents today?

She is a baby still and what kind of parent punishes this way?

  1. Texas girl, 3, vanishes after dad sent her outside …

FOX News · 18 hours ago

Please pray for this child’s safety and release from the hands of her abductor (s) and that

They be caught. This makes me sick. These pedophiles must be brought to justice.

German police release images of four-year-old girl after seeing her in child porn video on the ‘dark net’ in bid to find child who they fear is still being abused 

NATO ‘doesn’t want new Cold War’ with Russia – Stoltenberg …

Apparently whites were also slaves

The muslim issue :Millions European Christians were kidnapped and enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 -‘Slaves were still slaves, whether they are black or white, and whether they suffered in America or North Africa’



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