Prophetic Words: The Birth Pangs Have Now Been Increased; What Is The Outer Darkness That I, Yeshua, Your King Speaks Of (Sister Wendi Lee)

Prophetic Words: The Birth Pangs Have Now Been Increased; What Is The Outer Darkness That I, Yeshua, Your King Speaks Of (Sister Wendi Lee)

The Birth Pangs Have Now Been Increased (Sister Wendi Lee)

Father  6 Oct 17

As the path that is in front of you becomes more and more illuminated for My Faithful and ever so devoted children so the path will get excruciatingly difficult for My Wayward Children. These I speak of are My Wounded and Defeated Children who walk in the flesh and not by My Spirit. Father Papa Daddy Abba leads you by My Son Yeshua when you willingly are lead. But Father God Jehovah will allow you to resist My Direction when you do not want to acknowledge Me in all thy ways. The birth pangs have now been increased. My Children who adore My Precious Son will excell and be promoted into the most amazing and unbelievable walk with My Son. Children of Mine, you know there is nothing that God Almighty Jehovah Elohim cannot do. You cannot even begin to wonder how this promotion is going to be. Have you picked up your cross? Have you been able to endure your temptations? Have your tears been turned into joy? Just as My Tender Ones mourn for their God and pour out their whole heart their pain will turn into pure ecstasy. If you have not allowed My Burning Fires to refine you then woe to you. For any joy that you think you have in the world will now be turned into agony. When this occurs My Wayward and Misguided Child My Son will be waiting for you to cry out to Him and He will hold you and comfort you, but you must allow Him to. He does not invade your space if He is not wanted there, but My Wayward Child He waits for you. God Almighty Jehovah God loves you oh ye who resist My Son. Father God Yaheveh has spoken these words to My Faithful Servant and Scribe Wendi Lee. They are forever written in My Throne Room saith the Amen.

He wanted me to point out at the end He said O Ye who resist My Son not who reject My Son.

What Is The Outer Darkness That I, Yeshua, Your King Speaks Of (Sister Wendi Lee)

King Yeshua  6 Oct 17

These words are from Your Mighty King Yeshua the  Only Son of God. I AM the Great King and Master and Lord of All. Let me tell each of you My Bride, be ready ! My Bride who hath clung to Me no matter what, be ready to be transformed in this season you have entered. My Bride who hath resisted Me and My Loving Devotion to you, be ready to be put into the outer darkness. What is the outer darkness that I Yeshua Your King speaks of? The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. The great time of tribulation that will be so intense men will want to die but they will not be allowed to. My Stained Bride will be subjected to many unpleasant things without My Power and My Glory being upon them. But I tell you the truth you will be with Me in My Paradise after much shaping and refining of your heart is completed. This is what will be, more than half of My Bride will be shut out when I close out My Ark of Mercy. You have been told this By Me in My Very Word. Come Come Come to Me and surrender yourself, your family, and all your worldly possessions. My Mercy is still extended to you. Hurry there is no time left. Yeshua God Almighty has given you My Words through My Father’s True Prophetess Wendi Lee.

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