Prophetic Testimony Of What This Atheist Saw In Hell Is FRIGHTENING!!!! (Bryan Melvin)

Prophetic Testimony Of What This Atheist Saw In Hell Is FRIGHTENING!!!! (Bryan Melvin)

WHAT HE SAYS IS TRUE: I flatlined on the operating table and I was out of my body and watching them trying to save my life. I remember that as if it was yesterday and it was over 25 yrs ago. I was thinking “no, don’t do that, I am fine. Leave me alone”. I was motionless on the table and they were all in a panic and I saw it all. They brought me back and I was upset because I knew now I would be in excruciating pain just from seeing what they were doing to me. My intestines were laying on my chest. They were trying to save my life and they did. But I did not leave and then go to hell like this man did. They revived me fast enough I suppose.

He saw people in hell that worshipped and married trees, mother earth, those who were witches, there was Hitler there, and much more.


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8 Replies to “Prophetic Testimony Of What This Atheist Saw In Hell Is FRIGHTENING!!!! (Bryan Melvin)”

    1. Yes I did Peggy. I was barely into my mid 20s. The first time I died I was also unsaved. This was the 2nd time I died.
      Thankfully each time I never had to take a trip through hell. I was spared that but know many see it. I am glad I didn’t have
      to see that place. Have you ever died and come back?

    2. i had internal bleeding throughout my whole body and went unconscious at my desk at work and one of them drove me
      to ER. I don’t remember that ride but remember going on a stretcher and they wheeled me into the operating room
      right away and they told me they would do a laproscoptomy and instead I was so filled with blood. Anyway, there is more
      but it took one year to get well after that. I was in constant pain for months yet I had to work and support my son who
      was only about 4 yrs old. I was a mess for a long time.

  1. Well, your testimony in the comment above is an inspiration for those suffering now that read it. No, I’ve never had a “near-death” experience. I do have a great-grandmother, grandfather, and uncle, that all did, and all experienced Heaven. My grandfather was told, “go back, it isn’t time yet.”

    1. the first time I died, God told me I had to go back and I think he said “I am not ready for you yet” or something like that.
      I didn’t understand it and all I know is I really did not want to come back to earth. My life was hell on earth and I really
      did not like being on earth. I also saw what to me at the time looked like big deck of cards but it was my pages of the book of life.
      I remembered every word I spoke even when I was a baby; it was all brought back to me then. I begged not to come back and I had
      a little son to take care of and I still did not want to come back to earth. I guess I didn’t want to be tortured anymore; I really
      don’t know what it was but I saw the gate and saw His huge hand (he is huge) and his voice boomed then. I even tried to make deals with
      him just so I didn’t come back. lol (how silly I was being so young). I understand now that I was nowhere near getting to heaven back then.

  2. I understand that even those that have had a much easier and more comfortable life overwhelmingly do NOT want to come back. Heaven is REAL LIFE. This experience is just “shadow lands.” Note: that is no reason for a person to contemplate suicide. I’m pretty sure that would not have a good outcome whatsoever. We are commanded to ENDURE until the END, no matter what. From an eternal perspective, and as the Bible states over and over, our lives are like passing shadows in duration. So, we CAN ENDURE, by the POWER of His Holy Spirit living within us when we are BORN AGAIN, and then daily walk in HIS WAYS.

    1. ANYONE who commits SUICIDE will go to HELL. That is a given. We did not create ourselves in our image and we have NO RIGHT
      to take our own life. Only God gives life and takes life and some go home early because their “mission here” is done. We must
      all endure til the end to be saved as the Bible says. Sadly, most think they are just “flying away at the end of this week’.
      That would be nice but there is more satan has time to do to us yet.


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