News Updates From All Over

News Updates From All Over

 Well what do you know; all the freemasons that have planned these events and stripping us of everything and instilling fear in man are now going to make more fun of us acting as if they even care. Acting as if they are actually human with a conscience. This makes me sick. They sure love making us out to be fools. These men are all part of New World Order Luciferian takeover agenda and part of these manmade storms and the planned event/attack in Vegas. In on it together.

Ex-presidents to highlight hurricane relief effort

White House wants to end Social Security numbers as a national ID

During a dinner with military leaders tonight, President Trump gave an ominous warning seemingly out of the blue: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” he said: “It could be the calm… before… the storm.”

A reporter quickly asked what the storm might be –“Is it Iran, ISIS, what’s the storm?” to which he replied… “…you’ll find out.”

1.   Watch: Vegas survivor speaks to man who saved his life

Boyfriend of a 28-year-woman shot dead in Las Vegas was planning to propose to her right after the Route 91 Harvest festival

Middle school teacher under fire for assigning homework that asked sixth-graders to draw a Nazi MASCOT

This just should never be. Poor child. Thank you for putting all those poisons in our foods. They have ruined our air, land and sea. I speak of the unredeemable ones that are our Past Presidents and other globalists with them.

10-year-old breast cancer survivor begins to consider what she wants her breasts to look like as her peers hit puberty and she faces reconstruction

Sweet story of true love; sticking together through good times and bad.

‘We’re a team’: Couple tie the knot nine months after groom-to-be was paralyzed during their joint bachelor-bachelorette party

Like the Lord said this is a CIA Operative/ISIS attack. That poor man was in the wrong place at the wrong time & set up

Overhwelming False Flag Evidence- But Who Was Really Behind the Vegas Shooting?

By Dave Hodges on Oct 04, 2017 06:21 am An indivdual, whom I have never discussed politics with before, told me that he was glad that the Vegas perpetrator of the shooting of approximately 600 people was dead. Then the individual said that man “was a killing machine”.  I tuned him out and just nodded in agreement. It was apparent to me that this man […] Read in browser »

Bitter cold air blasting Midwest already

While You Were Distracted, Stock Market Faces a $10 Trillion Loss

By Dave Hodges on Oct 05, 2017 08:07 pm   It is like listening to the music associated with the movie Jaws. It starts out slow, it increases in its beat and in intensity and then it suddenly strikes. This is where the economy appears to be headed. More economists are predicting a catastrophic crash. Here is the story…     Please donate to […] Read in browser »

Socialized medicine FAIL: UK losing 400 doctors PER MONTH as system collapses amid chronic funding shortages

By Dave Hodges on Oct 05, 2017 08:24 pm    by: JD Heyes  Natural News Most Left-wing American political figures, entertainers and academics speak highly of the United Kingdom’s socialized medicine system, saying that the U.S. ought to emulate it. But they don’t live there so they don’t really know just how bad it is, and how close it is getting to collapse. In fact, […] Read in browser »

‘Decoders’ Offer Dire Warnings About North Korea’s Nuclear Program

Experts outside the United States government are using North Korea’s propaganda videos to dissect and decode the rogue regime’s nuclear program…

Perhaps the most alarming revelation is that the decoders suggest that it’s likely that North Korea is using highly advanced machines to construct their missile components. This could make getting a powerful nuke more likely than originally thought. They also say that North Korea has a missile that can carry a warhead capable of hitting the mainland United States, “New York, LA.”



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