Prophetic Dream: Changes To Days Of Old (JcSouthwest)

Prophetic Dream: Changes To Days Of Old (JcSouthwest)

Dream – Changes To Days Of Old

by jcsouthwest

I’ve held this dream for sometime.  This dream basically contained visuals of what appeared to be an Old Barn with a dirt floor.   What came to mind was Nuclear War and/or EMP Attack.  When the Electric Grid is taken out and/or the communications systems,  we are going to need to totally rely on the Lord for provisions and also get use to doing more things requiring physical labor;  as our modern conveniences may be removed in an instant!   

Each person will need to truly be guided by the Holy Spirit.  Some talents may come into play here:  hunting, fishing, cooking, making or repairing clothing.  We may need to rely on walking, riding bicycles or using old equipment for transportation; assuming that an EMP attack has occurred, which will destroy all electronics including many modern vehicles.

Many tasks will be made apparent, and all for the kingdom.   Those who are truly guided by the Holy  Spirit will need to be prepared to help others: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Water, Prayer, Healing, Teaching, Leading many to eternal life,…..  Just remember, that if we get into a state of “self preservation” and refuse to help others,  expect the Lord’s protection to be removed!  We are commanded to Love one another and help those in need!  If we refuse to help others, we can surely expect to hear the Lord say:  “Depart From Me, I Never Knew You”!

We should expect to see miracles like the story of “The Loaves And Fishes” when we are willing to help others with the provisions we have.

The barn contained the following:

A Vintage “Yellowed” Rope. (A Trap, Snare, Stuck In Sin)

A Potato Sack. (Sack Cloth, Old Clothing, Old Food Storage)

Wooden Wheels (Vintage Bicycles or Wagon; Old Transportation).

1 Kings 20:31-32

His servants said to him, “Consider this: we have heard that the kings of the house of Israel are merciful kings. So let’s put sackcloth around our waists and ropes around our heads, and let’s go out to the king of Israel. Perhaps he will spare your life.”

So they dressed with sackcloth around their waists and ropes around their heads, went to the king of Israel, and said, “Your servant Ben-hadad says, ‘Please spare my life.’”

So he said, “Is he still alive? He is my brother.”

Job 18:5-12


Yes, the light of the wicked is extinguished; the flame of his fire does not glow. The light in his tent grows dark, and the lamp beside him is put out. His powerful stride is shortened, and his own schemes trip him up. For his own feet lead him into a net, and he strays into its mesh. A trap catches him by the heel; a noose seizes him. A rope lies hidden for him on the ground, and a snare waits for him along the path. Terrors frighten him on every side and harass him at every step. His strength is depleted; disaster lies ready for him to stumble.

Psalm 18:4-6

The ropes of death were wrapped around me; the torrents of destruction terrified me. The ropes of Sheol entangled me; the snares of death confronted me. I called to the Lord in my distress, and I cried to my God for help. From His temple He heard my voice, and my cry to Him reached His ears.

Proverbs 5:22-23

A wicked man’s iniquities entrap him; he is entangled in the ropes of his own sin. He will die because there is no discipline, and be lost because of his great stupidity.

Isaiah 5:26-28

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