Prophetic Word: There’s A Great & Mighty Shift & Shaking Coming. It Is Coming From ME; At MY Hand. These Shakings Will Not Be On The Expected Fault Lines (Veronica Mayne)

Prophetic Word: There’s A Great & Mighty Shift & Shaking Coming. It Is Coming From ME; At MY Hand. These Shakings Will Not Be On The Expected Fault Lines (Veronica Mayne)

There’s A Great & Mighty Shift & Shaking Coming. It Is Coming From ME; At MY Hand. These Shakings Will Not Be On The Expected Fault Lines (Veronica Mayne)


I’ve prayed over this and about releasing this word for it’s a long and serious word but I recommend you take your time and read it to completion.

The Lord woke me up Tuesday morning (09/26/17) at 3:22 am and made sure I got up and wrote this down, I was awake for 1:11 minutes listening to what He wanted to share with me.

This is what He gave me to share so I’m sounding the warning Cry! Words of the Holy Spirit below:

There’s a great and mighty shift and shaking coming. It is coming from ME; at MY hand. This shifting will come from deep inside the earth. Just as you have to take a scab off of a festered/infected wound to clean it out and let it heal properly; this is also how it shall be with the earth. The earth is representative of My heart. The outer crust is being removed so the infection can be cleaned out!

{At this point I had a vision of the earth cracking open representative of the scab, inner plates shifting and lava flowing representative of the infection—Earthquakes}

This will happen in many areas/regions simultaneously worldwide. It will be like nothing ever seen before. I will bring many home during this time. They are not just casualties; I’m removing them because MY timing is perfect and I know they will either be hindered in their walk with me or they’ve reached their last chance to turn to me.

The areas that will be hit the hardest are those which have caused the most pain and have the most infection. Many of MY children will be brought forth out of their training places during this time; for this travesty will bring forth a need for their light to shine (MY light that radiates through them). For they shall move in MY glory.

Some of these wounds will be deeper than others and some have more infection that will need to be cleansed. These areas will be open for a season/period to breathe and heal.

So many people have tried to play God with My perfectly balanced creation; by changing and modifying what I SPOKE into existence. Now they shall hear MY voice at work again and THEY SHALL KNOW IT’S ME AND MY VOICE !!!

These will be scary times for many who don’t believe in ME or think I exist!

My righteous chosen ones will be the doctors and nurses that I send out. The ones who will listen to my direction and move when I say move. They will move according to my orders to bring hope and healing to those at the wound sites.

These shakings will not be on the expected fault lines. NO, my daughter for this is MY doing. It will be in the areas that have diminished ME the greatest. MY glorious ones will rise up out of the darkness with scrolls of orders (My personal instructions to them) to follow and they will be prepared to work triage; wherever they may be needed and willing to go wherever I direct. They have MY word planted down in them and MY balm of Gilead that heals the wounded. MIRACLES, SIGNS, AND WONDERS SHALL FOLLOW THEM.

There will be a ripple effect that follows / Tremors— Not just in the natural but also in the spiritual. My righteous shall be a collective force! Many of these will be a surprise to those that they are usually around for they have no formal training but they know MY voice and have a tentative ear to hear. Those that seem to be the least will have the greatest voice; those who seem to have no authority will have MY Authority!

Nothing shall be able to come against them as they move heaven and earth to do MY work/will. These are strengthened by ME and will soar for they are not the weak of heart.

SOUND THE WARNING CRY! Tell MY chosen ones to be prepared!

During this time it will be a great time of healing and restoration. For all the enemy has stolen and heaped up for himself shall now be plundered as spoils of MY battle and returned to the rightful owners. ( I sensed the ones who receive will know what to do with what they receive).

Out of the ashes they shall arise with the oil of joy for their mourning.

Once these scabs are removed and the infection is cleaned out then their will be a slow shifting as things move into a healed and better order.

This will be MY hand at work!

DO NOT give place to the enemy. For MY ways are greater than you can ever imagine.

This will all take place SWIFTLY ……….but in MY perfect order.


Angels have been dispatched to go before these triage units. They will have the tents (gathering places) and supplies (giftings) set up and ready to go at MY word to meet your needs.

Where there will seem to be no path or way –> Paths will open up for I said it shall be!

Cisterns of MY living water are being placed in each of MY chosen vessels and their refreshing healing waters come from MY never ending supply.

ORDER, UNITY, AND LOVE will be in perfect place at each wound site!

While the Holy Spirit was giving me these words I also had a vision of Washington, D.C., Buckingham Palace, and the Vatican. With this vision I sensed that they each represented things significant in this word.

Washington, D.C. – Government

Buckingham Palace – Stored up wealth

Vatican – Churches

This is a warning to be ready when the Lord moves for He let me know that these things WILL take place at HIS perfectly appointed time.


The Lord’s humble servant.

Veronica Mayne


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  1. good word…Resonates in my spirit…….I also have gotten in my spirit for quite a long while that not only about the fault lines,but it will happen in many places not all along coastal rgions,but divers places such as Mid western cities and those not in the line per sae of earthquakes.


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