Happy Sukkot (Feast Of Tabernacles) Songs & Teaching By Mark Blitz Concerning This Week

Happy Sukkot (Feast Of Tabernacles) Songs & Teaching By Mark Blitz Concerning This Week

Feast of Tabernacles (Festival of Sukkot) Started at sundown and last 7 days and the 8th day is a holy convocation as is the 1st day (tonight). You will do no servile work those 2 days.

Many Gentiles do celebrate this and enjoy it. It is A FESTIVEĀ time and also what some claim to be when the 2nd coming of Yahusha (Jesus).

In the meantime, I don’t dwell on when He is coming but will just shake my lulav now !!! lol It is a time to enjoy friends and family. It is a time of harvest. Some say this is when the “barley harvest will be”. That is the first harvest and I believe it is the 144,000 and possibly children under age of 2 (but not sure on that part). Actually it is not a rapture as many call it. It is a taking away to safety but the 144k return later for the great harvest.

It is also the week where we built booths (sukkahs) to live in to remind us of God was the cloud by day and fire by night as He led us all out of Egypt. the other symbolism is that “He tabernacled (dwelled) with us” and we will “tabernacle (dwell) with Him in the Promised Land”. I like Feast Days because they make sense and none of the Gentile holidays do. I used to follow all the traditions of men too and am Gentile. But these all have much more significance of What God was saying at the time and what He was doing!!

This is also the time to rejoice since we had just gone through 40 days of repentance and Yom Kippur and now it is time to sing, dance and rejoice!

Look it up online and learn more. IN the meantime, let us enjoy the week and take our minds off of everything except God! Remember our bodies are “temporary dwelling places” also.

You know in the Millennium and for all eternity all who make it to the kingdom will be celebrating This Feast.

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