Much Sorrow & Fear Coming And It Could Have Been Avoided Had People Repented & Returned But Instead We Threw Him Out.

Much Sorrow & Fear Coming And It Could Have Been Avoided Had People Repented & Returned But Instead We Threw Him Out.

Oh My how sad this will be. Here is something a lady by the name of Kal was shown:

sorrow of jesus: Face of Christ in the sky

Kal wrote: I wrote the deeds generically, but was shown a whole range of terrible events and was made to feel the terror of the people. Think I would have gone mad with fear myself, but the love from the prior dream allowed for me to go through it. The love was powerful and all pervasive despite the horror. I did observe the type of evil you wrote of, and will not go into the others. So there was death and suffering everywhere, and the survivors felt like they where in hell, so death and with the feeling of hell following it. Made me think of the horses of Revelation; death with hades following. ——— Americans, please, you must turn your hearts to God. He is the only one that can save you. He is reaching out to you now more than ever to save you, because what’s coming is so terrible… He truly is your rock and salvation…

I have had a couple of dreams and saw devastation here on earth also but mine was devastation by bombs hitting us in this nation. We are heading into much tribulation!

Another friend of mine was told it will be a very severe judgment now and she had a vision of it. And I want to add that people, when you play with fire, you will get burned. Did God not tell you to come Back and stop mocking? It was only because the saints prayed hard after Harvey that the destruction was nothing like it should have been In Florida (Irma) but God intervened on your behalf to spare lives. Haven’t you noticed that not many lives were lost between Hurricane Harvey and Irma but instead of being grateful you still mock. So now get ready for the severe blow coming. Judgment will be so severe and this time He won’t spare like He did then because people are obviously not changing, not returning and are right back into the junk they were to come out of. They continue to laugh it all off.

How many times did God plead with you all? How many warnings have gone out over the years and you laughed? You think you can laugh at God and get away with it? All are in for a really rude awakening very soon! Testing God and making a mockery of His warnings and His gift of salvation is the worst thing anyone can do!

My heart is sad and I am truly disappointed that so many don’t take Him seriously. God is right, everyone believes some guy on a stage or in a church over Him. Now all will see who was and is The Almighty that every knee will bow to and every tongue will confess to. I pray you warn those in the areas of all the prophetic words and visions and share them so they wake up and take it seriously. I pray you wake up because life is fleeting and you never know when your time is up! God is done playing around folks!

My heart goes out to Abba because He truly loves us all and most refuse to love Him at all, let alone a little. I can’t even imagine the tears that flow in heaven over the people on earth. Eventually warnings have to come to an end and chastening is the only way to wake everyone up and we are now in that season I do believe.

All those tears that Jesus (Yeshua) cried over you will now be all the tears of people crying here on earth; there is much sorrow coming for disobedience, arrogance, pride and pushing God out of everything! PLEASE WARN THOSE IN THESE STATES and tell them they need to truly come back and tell God they are truly sorry! We are truly out of time and the games are over!



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