What Was Shown: The First Judgment (Randy Hecker)

What Was Shown: The First Judgment (Randy Hecker)

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The First Judgment – Randy Hecker

March 4, 2011

Last year when I spent three days with the Lord He showed me that there would be three great judgments upon the Earth. The First of these would be Lucifer’s judgment upon the nations of the world.

Right now the world is lining up for this event. But there are a few things that must happen first. One of these is the earthquake near the common borders of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, that while expose the Gates of Hell. The man is to become the Anti-Christ will go there for purely humanitarian reasons, but while he is there he will secretly meet with the angel that bears the key to the Bottomless Pit, and the spirit Abaddon will be released to possess him.

When he returns to his seat of political power he will unleash hell on Earth, first against his own country and then against the rest of the world.

His unleashing of seismic and tectonic weapons will lead to the Great West Coast Earthquake and the subsequent nuclear attack on America.

The time is short so get as ready as possible in the time that is left.


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