Rapture Blues? God Sending A Message (Freaking Over Jesus)

Rapture Blues? God Sending A Message (Freaking Over Jesus)

I am posting this because I believe the word rapture is being overused and when people speak words given they should say whether it is the bride going up (the 144k) to a place of safety (that has been referred to the barley harvest). Many call this the rapture but these 144,000 return to earth for the great harvest. There are 3 harvests. So they leave but return. The Church Of Philadelphia.

Now when they say rapture it should be referred to as the Second Coming (Day of the Lord) because it is confusing many people. So let us discern and ask Father to give us a dream, vision or revelation in another way. Ask Him to confirm to you which is which if you are having a problem understanding it all.

this video is for the ones believing they would already be gone and are yet here. Don’t be discouraged. He will come but these were markers and not the rapture on 9/23. STAND FIRM THOUGH AND DON’T GIVE UP BECAUSE ONE DAY HE WILL COME! Have Faith, He loves you

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