Posted In A Comment Two Dreams That Kal Had. The Second Dream Is Very Interesting & Confirms Others Dreams Of Seeing Foreign Soldiers Killing Us As Well As Americans Killing Each Other

Posted In A Comment Two Dreams That Kal Had. The Second Dream Is Very Interesting & Confirms Others Dreams Of Seeing Foreign Soldiers Killing Us As Well As Americans Killing Each Other


Kal wrote:  Your post is very interesting. Had this dream and shared it with this website concerning these events. A little history, I am Canadian, and suffered from major depressive disorder for 20 years. God healed me of it, within a dream, through shear love. However he sent someone within the dream to show me love, because I had asked him in a prayer that same night, why this individual was within my mind, and I could not stop thinking of him. I am Native American, so Mr. Washington represented the take over of the lands and our dreams when America was founded and I hated studying history because of it. But God has been gracious to me over the years and has guided through dreams and visions a way to keep going when dealing with the depression. The love in the dream was so very powerful and amazing that there remained a tingling effect of the healing for three days afterwards. That was the first dream.

The second dream (which I am posting) occurred three years later. Mr. Washington spoke of a decision that was made concerning the end of the American Empire (he did not call it a Republic). I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but I feel very strongly about this- and so shall. I have posted this on another website, hoping others would share it as well. ————–

On March 9, 2010, I dreamed of George Washington. He was in the sky, an illuminated figure and I was on the earth, within a wide valley. The valley felt like the representation of earth, in the midst was a river, and on its sides the land represented countries, and continents. Mr. Washington glowed, very bright, amidst the clouds, yet was kind of solemn. He asked me to walk down the valley, which I did. There was something further down the valley which was not very clear. It looked to be many people in the midst of practice, carrying flags, shouting, marching, all within unison. A line appeared in my mind, it was blue on one side, than a very thin break that was grey. He told me: “It has been decided the American empire shall end.” I realized the blue represented America. “There will be a brief period of calm.” The thin gray line was this. Right after it however, a red line began to form. “Than another empire shall rise to take her place.” He continued. “this new empire shall be given power for a short time.”

I had been walking down the valley, getting closer, the practicing people became clear, they where Asian soldiers carrying the Chinese flag. Their flags where mixed with the flags of other nations, those flags I could not make out. The soldiers stopped, all at the same time, as if an order had been given to them all. They rushed out to all the world… they began killing everything in sight. They went to America and killed many people there, but the American people, had gone crazy, and where killing each other too. It was as if the hatred of others, that the American people had nurtured within their hearts, for many years, now spilled over.

Nations fought other nations, all over the world, it wasn’t just the Chinese; it was like the whole world had gone mad. “The remains of the American Empire shall be destroyed.” The apparatus of the American empire was destroyed everywhere. The Chinese soldiers, the people themselves, especially within America were doing such horrific things, that every evil that mankind could think of, now became enacted on the earth. “This shall continue until man comes to his senses.” What was dying was the idea of empire, our disconnect from God. Our ways had brought us to this!

I noticed people moving in groups for safety. Every manner of bad deed, the innumerable unburied dead that lay in the open streets, the deadly diseases that ravaged the populace, made it feel like hell on the earth. People started begging for help and wishing to be out of the hell they were in. Praying to God. “When he does, this empire shall collapse.”

In their wake laid, hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of dead people! And I was in the valley with them. There where survivors clambering amongst the dead, the soldiers started going mad because they realized their deeds and started killing themselves off. Eventually it just ended, but I got this feeling because of everything that had happened, everything was changed, to something positive. George was gone. I thought the light had been the sun before, but I realized he had been the light in the sky, because now the light was like a cloudy day, and soft. I saw a corpse on the ground that looked like him. For some reason, I felt I could be close to him just one more time, and touched it, but it was cold and dead, so I drew away—

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