Message On Mercy & How To Receive Mercy (Randy Hecker)

Message On Mercy & How To Receive Mercy (Randy Hecker)

The Quality of Mercy March 25, 2017 Posted by randyhecker in Uncategorized.
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Once you become a follower of Jesus Christ, a true Christian who accepts His sacrifice for you as the inner core of your being, there are certain qualities that you need to build into your life.

The first of these is mercy.  Each of you needs to decided what mercy is and how you can express it and experience in your lives.  But know this:  In time each and every one of us will stand before the Throne of God and be judged for our believes and our works.  At that event billions will cry out for mercy and they will not get it.  God will say, “Show me one of children to whom you were merciful.  Just one.  But if there is one you cannot be a part of my Kingdom.”

To receive mercy you must give mercy.  When you come to an understand that you are your brother’s keeper, then mercy shall flow, first as a trickle of water, and in time as a great river.  This will increase your personal light and increase your relationships with God and His Son.

Along with mercy comes the quality of charity.  Most people will say, “I give to a charitable organization.”  But that is not good enough.  It must flow from your heart as a means of helping another brother or sister.

But to this I also say beware.  That are brothers and sisters that will abuse this to get the things they want.  For some time now I have watched some people who are in need of virtually everything to help them when I could.  But then I discovered that paying their bills is second to buying bit screen TV’s, (they have one in every room) and computer, games, pickup trucks — what they what want,  not what they need.  Charity to them would be a waste.  And the Lord to waste our good intention.

I do not support charitable organisms.  I use to work for one (no names given) that had the best service rate of any charitable organization.  They had an administrate rate of 20% and the balance went to the people they served.

One of the biggest charitable organization in a America has an administrate of nearly 90%. That means that denotations go into big salaries and vacation for their top people.  They are always building new buildings and hire lots of employees.  The %18 that is actually available never goes to anyone.  They always have excuses for why they cannot help the needed.

How to you think they will be judged?

Recently my wife and I agreed to help a sister get out of New York City (the big bull’s-eye).  We picked her up at the airport and gave her a room, a bed, her own bathroom, and a door she could lock.  She was a good Christian sister — that is one of her personalities was a good Christian sister.  One of her other personalities suffered from deep paranoid delusions, and another was highly aggressive and hates men.  She do not know how many personalities she actually has.  From the moment she walked into the door to our house and began plotting to remove us from our home with just the clothes on our backs. It took seven months, a court action, and the local Sheriff’s Department to have her remove and keep our home.  But it was close.  Had we not remove we would have been evicted three days later.

I have shared this as a warning.  We must be merciful and charity in our hearts.  But we must do it with a watchful eye.  And be careful.

But at the same time remember that God expects us to use our gifts wisely and we will have to accounted for them.

One final thought.  There are only two sins that cannot be forgiven.  These are denying the Holy Spirit and the other is the destruction of innocence.  In all things we wiser than the serpents that are around you.

I stand as your brother in Jesus Christ,

Randy Hecker

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