Wildfires Taking Their Toll On People’s Health. Sister Said 67 Fires Now Through Montana & L.A.

Wildfires Taking Their Toll On People’s Health. Sister Said 67 Fires Now Through Montana & L.A.

Been getting text message that there are 67 fires going on now through Montana and L.A. MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING IT. Why? What are they hiding? That teenager they are trying to blame for this fire must sure get around, hopping all over the place. He must have run into the 5 yr olds they blamed the last forest fires on last month or so and then the 5 yrs old took him to the lady that supposedly set the forest fires before that one because her car backfired yet she was nowhere near there.

People are you catching on yet? They don’t want us to know and so keeping it low key so we are unaware in other parts of the country. This is being done by our government to smoke us out or flood us out. God has said this over and over that the enemy lies within and that is right here in our country. When are you going to finally wake up!!?? These are NOT RANDOM but strategically set.

People are having major health issues now in Montana because of it. One way or the other they will take us down and they won’t stop until they do and they will implement their New World Order and martial law. They are behind the civil wars and pay people to partake in those too.

the motto for them is OUT OF CHAOS COMES ORDER. So they have to do anything and everything. AS people lose homes to fires and floods, they can then round you up to take you to the FEMA camps for good. As they continue to push civil wars of all kinds then they even get people to willingly beat each other up or kill each other. WAKE UP.

What will it take before people wake up finally and my sister sent me this. We pushed God out and so He is allowing these things because hand of protection was lifted off. We didn’t want him and he is letting us see what happens when we push him out. God always protected us before from many many things and now evil will come forth like never before. Are you understanding that we need God in this nation yet or else evil men/women can do whatever they want to us all? Are you ready to go in a 6 x 6 cell in a FEMA camp with 5 or 10 other people in there with you? Are you ready for the vaccinations with the RFID chip? Are you ready to be beheaded or slaughtered another way if you refuse to conform to their system? This is tyranny and dictatorship and no one stopped them for years and here is the end result now manifesting and it will increase and increase until they ruin everyone’s lives.

God is ALLOWING these things to go on because we do not want to repent and have Him here. These are judgments but not NATURAL disasters by His Hand. We like sin and these are sins against mankind now. When we pushed God out and protection got lifted off of us, then all hell can break loose and lawlessness abounds.

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    1. i sense such an urgency that people truly do not have much time left to get right with God. And they will suffer greatly
      for not doing so. it is going to be horrendous.


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