URGENT REQUEST FROM FATHER FOR YOU: Letters/Postcards/Gift Of Hope To Those In Need In Houston, Tx (Julie Whedbee)

URGENT REQUEST FROM FATHER FOR YOU: Letters/Postcards/Gift Of Hope To Those In Need In Houston, Tx (Julie Whedbee)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Dear family of our King Yahushua,

Last night as I was again pouring out my heart to Father, praying for mercy as these judgments are now here, asking for Him to convict hearts, I was given another assignment. However, this one is for all of you around the world! Many of you have been asking and praying about how you can help and be a part of sharing the gospel of Yahushua (Jesus) with all those you can, and all those Father leads you to minister to. Here is your chance!

You are being requested to pray about sending letters of encouragement, love letters you could call them, scripture and encouraging messages to all those Father will be leading to these sanctuaries as the judgments continue to fall on this country. This idea is similar to Operation Gratitude, Soldiers’ Angels, and Operation We Are Here. You can choose to remain anonymous, or you can include your names. This is up to you as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Photographs I believe will be especially helpful and make each gesture of love and support more real. Small tokens such as scripture bookmarks, prayer cards, small home-made crafts, etc… could also be included in individual envelopes that may be of comfort to a brother or a sister who has lost so much, so suddenly.

My heart was deeply touched last night with this very special request by Father, and I instantly realized how incredibly precious these cards, letters and notes are going to be when people find themselves stripped of family and everything familiar. Please put yourselves in their positions and ask for the heart of Father to understand the value in just taking a few minutes of your time to write a letter, a card or a note to a brother or sister who needs the hope of Father through your words of love and support. What an incredible gesture of love, and what a powerful way to share the love of God, especially if you are willing to write a testimony of the most difficult trials you have been through in your life, and how Father was faithful through it all to bring to where you are now in Him.

Rise up Army of the Most High God and take action! We are not to stand by idly, as we watch the fulfillment of all that has been spoken in the Holy Word, the Bible.

I am asking that you, your children, and family members send these letters, cards or notes. Please write the letter “F” for female or “M” for male on the front of each envelope. You could also specify an age group, i.e. “For young female or For senior male,” if you are led to write to a specific person. (This may be very helpful for a young adult or an elderly person, so it is more specific and personal to them.) Then, place all of your envelopes in one larger envelope and send it to my P.O. Box address listed below.

I would also ask that you pray about sending a scripture or God box, approximately 15-18 inches in length, 10-12 inches high, and 10-12 inches wide. This would be considered a large memory or keepsake box with scripture written on the outside. For those who may be inclined to make one, please google Etsy or Pinterest, as they have several good ideas and examples. We will need several boxes for both sanctuaries, as I will have separate boxes for men and women, and I am praying for as many letters/cards/notes as you can send.

I believe we will have at least 100 people remaining at the two refuges Father has called us to establish, with others that Father has already told me will be passing through. If you will answer this call He is placing on your hearts, each person coming to The Lord’s sanctuaries could have more than one letter to read and cherish through the tribulation period to help encourage them and give them hope. If I receive an overwhelming response of hundreds of envelopes to Father’s request, I will share them with others who have been called to this same purpose of setting up a sanctuary.

Thank you ever so much for coming along side of me in this calling over the years, and I am thrilled to see how powerfully Father will move amongst His people to fulfill this request!

God bless you and let’s get to work Army of the King!!


My address:
Julie Whedbee
P.O. Box 361        Sparta, NC 28675

Example of God Box

Please put all of your letters, cards, and
notes into separate envelopes and send
them to us as below. Thank you!

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