Prophetic Dream: Huge Celestial Body Appears (Augusto Perez)

Prophetic Dream: Huge Celestial Body Appears (Augusto Perez)


“It was early in the morning when I was outside with a group of friends.  We were talking, having a good time as we were getting ready to go inside a building.  As I was about to enter the building, I looked up and saw this huge planet over the horizon.  It was barely visible because of the clouds and chemtrails that made it difficult to discern its edges.  However, the clouds had moved out of the way for a few moments and the planet was visible.  It was huge and kind of blueish.  I have seen this same planet before, but it always has looked smaller and further away.  This time it was very close, and very large.  Strangely, it looked very harmless and peaceful.  I started yelling to the people to come outside to see it.  Then I woke up.”


This is not the first time I have seen this object appear in the skies above.  However, this is yet another warning that this event is coming soon.  Because of the size of the celestial object that I saw this time it appears that it is very close now.  The sense that I got was that although everyone will see this object when it appears, those that are His will be in His Shalom.  All these things must come to pass before the day of the LORD and the beginning of great tribulation on this earth.  As I prayed about this vision, I got the impression from the Lord that this moon like celestial object that I saw was Planet X or one of its moons orbiting around it.  As this event gets closer and closer, strange weather anomalies, freak storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and meteor sightings will continue to escalate throughout the whole world.  Repent and give you life to Jesus Christ today before it is too late.    


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