Prophecy: Exposing The Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing Now

Prophecy: Exposing The Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing Now

Prophetic Words were given to others that God was going to purge His house for Judgment Starts in the House of God. Here is just one example of what is going on. Recently saw 2 stories of 2 pastors found murdered, several Pastors caught running a pedophilia ring through their churches, I believe some others were caught with sex trafficking also and 50% of Pastors admit to watching porn daily. So you still believe that guy on Sunday is a Godly man? God is exposing the false ones now and taking them down and in one of the videos Glynda Lomax has she states that as the House of God is purged some will die and God will require everything back that the Pastors took as tithes to live well for themselves and more so. Men of God were to live godly, do the right things and to lead the flock with truth and most do not even preach repentance or even warn of what is coming upon this nation.  We are in a sad state of affairs as far as church systems go. I remember long time ago on FB that Father told someone when they asked about the 501c3 tax exempt status they use and He replied “their allegiance is to government and not to Me”. WOE! Not looking good for these men these days! We are in the end days now and time is short and they all need to stop this nonsense and repent or else they will put themselves into the lake of fire. (That video that Glynda Lomax put out is on this blogsite but you have to scroll down because I think it might have been last week or week before).

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Married pastor, 52, arrested after ‘paying an undercover sheriff’s deputy $80 for sex’

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