Prophetic Word: The Summer Time Has Come, The Sons Of God, Shall Rise (LillyGirl)

Prophetic Word: The Summer Time Has Come, The Sons Of God, Shall Rise (LillyGirl)

The summer time has come, the sons of God, shall rise. Within the wind, nothing can stop the rain of Judgment. The witnesses are rising, the time has come for the next step in inventory. I am gathering my sheep for the call. Many are awaiting my arrival, but it shall not come as they think.

I then stopped and tested the spirit.
I am the most high God, the creator of heaven and earth, I am the eternal King. I am He who came in the flesh, I am LORD.

Many do indeed await my arrival, but they will not understand it when it comes, they will not have time to think, they will not have time to repent, they will not have the time to seek me. Find me now, call on my name now, for the time is now. My people do struggle with the lust of the things of this world, not pertaining to righteousness, they are my righteous children but they are falling for the traps of the enemy, the seduction of his lies,they believe they can take, take ,take and never give, the things of this world are fading and are dead. STOP

You need to choose this day what you love more, what you are willing to give up to serve me?

My children I am the one one who delivers and I have not failed you yet trust in me and have faith, don’t lose hope in me.

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