All Will Pay Dearly For Funding Abortions For This Is MURDERING Babies

All Will Pay Dearly For Funding Abortions For This Is MURDERING Babies

WE, as a Christian nation, should always be standing against abortion in any case. We cannot condone killing of babies. This is murder in God’s eyes and those that stand behind abortion will be judged harsher than others. This will not bode well with those that claim they love God yet have no issues with anyone aborting their child. Abortion is murder and always will be murder. We humans have no right to make that call of taking a life. Did you bring yourself into the world? No, so you have no right to take yourself out of the world nor any baby.  These sins reach the heavens and God hears the cries of the unborn and He sees all. They push abortions like a drug to depopulate the human race and those nations will be fall for doing this and USA is a big fan of Planned Parenthood because the politicians at the White House get a nice payout for funding them and standing behind them. Just ask your past Presidents how well they did it off of it.

Even if you just stand behind abortion, in God’s eyes you are as guilty as the one that does the abortion. God’s wrath will fall upon all those that push for it and stand behind it if they do not truly REPENT and ask for forgiveness.

Mon Jul 17, 2017 – 3:05 pm EST

UK will pay $1.3 billion to fund abortions and contraception around the world

By Fr. Mark Hodges

Mon Jul 17, 2017 – 3:05 pm EST

Abortion is ‘a tool to end poverty’: Canada’s foreign minister

By Lianne Laurence

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