Scripture & Prayer: How Sweet Are Your Words To My Taste…(Jolie)

Scripture & Prayer: How Sweet Are Your Words To My Taste…(Jolie)

“How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Psalm 119:103)

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 Heavenly Father, truly – Your words are so sweet to our taste! If we can think of the most delicious, most amazing dessert in the world – Your words are sweeter than that! An ice cream sundae? Your words are sweeter. Donuts? Your words are sweeter. Any delicious sweet treat can’t stand up to Your words. Bread pudding, chocolate, churros, fresh, baked cookies, still warm from the oven, cheesecake, creme brulee… They all bow to Your words!! And for those of us who don’t like sweets (which is crazy talk 🙂 ), ANY amazing food takes a seat to Your words! Salty or sweet, nothing that enters our mouth can compete. And if we don’t yet have a heart like this for Your words, Lord God, then please forgive us! Forgive us for allowing other things to enter our lives that drown out Your words. We’re sorry, Lord, for the times that we have loved other things more than Your words! We’re sorry for the times we have stuffed our stomachs, minds, or hearts with anything BUT Your words. Thank You that You are gracious and willing to forgive ANY one who is truly repentant. Please change us so that we can say as this psalmist did: Your words are sweeter than the sweetest things on earth! May we feel ravenous hunger and intense cravings for Your words!! And if we’re not there yet, Lord, please help us to get there! Your words are truly our LIFE! In Jesus’s most awesome name, amen.



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