Prophetic Message: I Used To Be Gay And How I Got Delivered (Dennis Jernigan)

Prophetic Message: I Used To Be Gay And How I Got Delivered (Dennis Jernigan)

I hear people say that people are born “gay” yet it has been totally disproven scientifically that there is nothing in our DNA. We are NOT Born that way. This is simply a “thought” that satan plants in your mind and then you have a choice to either “act on it” or “reject it”. Satan uses our mind to put thoughts in there but we don’t have to act on them. We are always to walk away from any sexual temptation. HERE IS A TESTIMONY OF A MAN WHO WAS GAY FOR YEARS and how he got “delivered from this sin”. Please, if you know a friend, family member that is homosexual, transgender, non gender, non binary or wants a sex change operation or anyone struggling with their identity PLEASE I encourage you to share this man’s testimony for he hits all the points to get through to these people. We need to help those people so that can be free finally!

Christians need to be kinder to gay men and women instead of yelling at them and telling them all they are going to hell. Instead approach them gently and explain to them that they can be healed and delivered and lead them in the direction back to the Healer of heaven , Jesus himself. This man came out of his “homosexuality” because he met Christians that didn’t bash him  but instead lovingly showed him that he could be saved out of it. Of course, we have to tell them that this sin can lead them and will take them to hell but do it gently and not like you say those fake Christians on the street with signs condemning them and screaming at them. This is NOT God’s way. To say you were born as another gender is to say God makes mistakes and I can assure you that JESUS LOVES ALL OF US AND YOU WERE NEVER A MISTAKE.

His testimony is awesome and I have included a song he has below the testimony: He is such a talented musician and his music/songs really touch your heart, no matter what you are going through. Enjoy the song!

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